French Language: Benefits, Advantages and Career Opportunities

May 16, 2019

French is undoubtedly one of the popular most European languages and has a large student base all over the world. There are many benefits of learning and advantages of learning French as a foreign language and we will discuss them here. We will also take a look at the career opportunities that you may get after learning the language.

Benefits of Learning French

If you are a certified French speaker, you will not only get numerous job opportunities but also be able to read French literature, understand cinema and songs and also communicate with French-speaking people flawlessly. Now, let us take a look at the benefits of learning the language.

  • Most Widely Taught Language in the World

French, along with English, is the only language that is being taught in every country of the world with an estimated of around 100 million students and 2.5 million teachers. This provides you with a good opportunity to find a nearby institute where you can take up the French language course in Kolkata.

  • French Speaking Countries

The language is spoken in many countries apart from France itself and it is the official language of 29 countries. Some of them are Belgium, Cameroon, Chad, Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo, Seychelles, Switzerland, etc. So, being an expert in the language will help you to visit, or start a career of your choice in any of these countries.

  • Experiencing French Culture and History

Get to know the French history and culture by going through the works of several noted historians such as Jules Michelet, Alexis Tocqueville, Albert Soboul and many others. In literature also, you can experience the original works of Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Moliere, and the list goes on and on.

  • Communicating with French Speakers

In France alone there are around 75 million tourists every year. Hence, if you are a tourist to this country or any of the other 28 countries where French is the official language, you will face no problems in befriending the citizens. Other than this, you can ask for directions or for any other help when required if you know the language.

  • Learn Other Languages Easily

French is very similar to other Romance languages such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Therefore, learning French will enable you to pick up other romance languages easily. Also, French is very easy to learn especially for English speakers.

How to learn French

Learning any foreign language becomes easy if you have the patience and commitment. Today, institutes are also teaching languages by taking innovative approaches so that students develop the vocabulary quickly. A French language course in Kolkata from a reputed institute will also assure that you develop a good understanding of the language and are able to pronounce the words properly and construct grammatically correct sentences. Now let us focus on some of the methods of learning French.

  • An Effective Study Plan

To learn any foreign language, you need a strong study plan. Before making a plan you need to consider how much time you can devote to learning French, your goals for learning the language and the deadlines that you have set. You must also gather all the resources for learning the language.

  • Focusing On Learning Activities

The study plan must include the activities that are required for learning French such as the description of each activity, the duration, skills you want to achieve by performing the activities and the type of activities that you are going to perform.

  • Words and their Pronunciations

In the basic level, you will mostly learn the words and their pronunciations. Paying attention in producing the sounds that constitute each word is extremely important because the consistency between written and spoken French is weak and hence there is a difference between written French and the spoken one.

  • Practicing the Most Used Words

The vocabulary of any language is huge and French is not an exception. However, you only need to practice the most used words (around 300 or so) required to construct meaningful sentences. However, it is recommended that you increase your vocabulary limit with time to master the language.

  • Learn The Grammar Methodically

Break down the grammatical elements so that you understand the language. Just like any other language, French is composed of grammar that comes pretty close to English. While practicing you need to learn the words in different tenses. In terms of sentence constructions, you need to transform the sentences so that you get the full idea of the language. For example, changing a sentence to negative, and then into an interrogative.

Advantages of learning French

You will get many advantages by learning the language from a French language course in Kolkata. Let us now take a look at these below.

  • Language of UN and EU

French is the working language of the European Union as well as the United Nations Organization. You can naturally presume that if you want to be a part of any of these organizations, you will need to be proficient in the language.

  • Business, Science and Development

If you are into higher studies or in academia and want to go to France for research or development in a variety of fields such as science or business, learning French is a must. Moreover, if you have completed the C1 or C2 i.e. advanced levels of the language as recommended by CEFR, you will get plenty of career opportunities after completion of your research or studies.

  • Certificate for Success

There are many France based organizations that prefer candidates who are proficient in the French language. If you want to work in any of these international organizations, you need to get trained in the language. However, if you already know the language and have the necessary certificate(s), you have the advantage of applying to these companies.

  • Boost Your Memory

Learning French as a foreign language will help in boosting your memory. However, this goes for not only French but any languages that are new to you.

  • Be a Part of the Larger Community

If you can speak French, you will be able to make friends who are speakers of the language. You can join online communities and keep in touch with them, share your thoughts and ideas.

Jobs You Can Get After Learning French

Job opportunities after learning French is immense. After getting trained and certified in the language, you can work in various posts viz. teachers, translators, interpreters, researchers, etc.

  • Teachers

You will be able to teach French in any foreign language institute in the world if you have the necessary training and certification.

  • Translators

As you know already, the job of a translator will require you to translate anything to and from French and this includes mostly text.

  • Interpreter

One of the most reputed job posts, interpreters work as translators in verbal communications. Expert interpreters are required to translate critical statements in a diplomatic discussion.

  • Travel Agents

If you aim to work as a tour guide or a travel agent in France or in any other country where trips to France are provided, it will be easier for you to apply.

  • Researcher

As mentioned earlier, you can work as researchers in France or in any other French-speaking country if you are an expert in the language.

This is just an overview of what you can do after learning the language. We have not discussed the methods of preparing for an interview which we will do so later. However, if you join a French language course in Kolkata, you will get the necessary training from your teachers. So, if you are interested in getting these opportunities, start learning French today.

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