French Language Course in Kolkata for career, culture and beyond

December 28, 2018

Study of French Language is not new in Kolkata. During the time of early 60s the study of French language became the part of erudite life of Kolkata, the initiator being the French cultural center of Kolkata.  So, a French Language Course in Kolkata is very much a part of the city life. Few days before contemporary historian and columnist Ram Chandra Guha juxtapose French and Bengali people on the basis of their intellectual homogeneity in his article. According to him, Bengal has occupied the position in India which is implicitly comparable with her European counterpart France.

There is an apparent historic connection between the two places. In the distant past, France established one of her important colony in one of the parts of Bengal namely, Chandannagar.  Kolkata has witnessed the popularity of the French language in the 60s era. Some upcoming intellectuals, poets and writers had already started to feel their hankering towards France and her language.

Eminent poet and intellectual of the city, Arun Mitra gained his reverence as an eminent French scholar of his time. French culture and language have occupied a considerable portion of his literary work.  In the era of late 40s legendary French filmmaker Jean Renoir came to the city. He shot some part of his critically acclaimed movie ‘River’ in this part of the world. His presence in the city motivated a group of local film enthusiasts. Satyajit Ray was one of them. The valuable company of the great film maestro inspired Ray to select filmmaking as his future career.  After climbing the pinnacle of success as filmmaker, Ray received the highest civilian honor from French president Francois Mitero, in his hometown Kolkata.

French culture retains its subcutaneous presence under the cultural skin of Kolkata. Kolkata took part in honoring and celebration of revered French personages. Legendary French philosopher Jacques Derrida paid his memorable visit as the chief guest of Kolkata book fair. The intelligentsia of the city is aware regarding the latest trend of French philosophy and literary culture. The city scholar Chinmoy Guha is one of the contemporary French scholars who is the recipient of Ordre des Arts et des Letter’s and Ordre des Palmesacadémiques.

French Language Course in Kolkata is not the platform for the artists and intellectuals only but at the same time, it serves the need for the contemporary generation. An array of career options in French is one of the key areas of attraction for the city’s youth. The requirement of French language skill has been perceived by certain sectors of the industrial world. One of them is hospitality. There is an immense demand for French language competence in the hospitality and aviation sectors of India. The government of India encourages the tourism industry of the nation and encourages foreign tourists to visit the country. The need for the interpreter is high in this sector. A French-educated candidate can satisfy this need easily. The verbal and listening skill in this language is a prerequisite for pursuing a career in this industry. French Language Course in Kolkata can satisfy its students in this regard. The intensity of the learning program can allow a person to gain more command over the language. There are different levels of courses that can serve different purposes. Some courses are for the beginners whereas some for the professional users of the language. The quality of the training is one of the important parts in this regard. The objective driven training is important in this regard.

In conclusion, it can be said that learning French can open a new horizon of career for job aspirants. French is not only the language of France but at the same time, this language retains its presence as one of the major languages of communication in other countries such as Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and many African countries such Algeria. Because during the colonial era, France like England, retained many colonies in the different parts of Africa. That is the reason learning French can widen the scope of communication all across the world including North America as French is one of the official languages of Canada as well.

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