French Words and Phrases Essential for Success in Business

April 9, 2019

French is a great business language and by using a set of specific words or phrases you can achieve success in business. To learn these exclusively, there are several French courses in Kolkata and you can get registered to a course in which you are comfortable. Let us take a look at these words now.

  • The French Business Environment

The typical business day must start with ‘bonjour’ (good day). However, you must use the word only once and later you can use ‘salut’ which expresses friendly feelings just like ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. There are some other formalities also that are important which you must use along with these words and phrases. For example, handshakes,etc.

  • Formal and Informal calling

In French, there are two forms of “you”, the informal ‘tu’and the formal ‘vous’. So, which one should you use? You will need to listen carefully when your coworkers are communicating with each other. But if you are in doubt, stick to ‘vous’. In a French language course in Kolkata, you will learn what to use and when in a detailed way.

Sometimes in a business environment, you will find ‘tu’isused among workers since it is used atall levels. If you get attached withany arts organizations or a smaller organization or company, or any nonprofits you will find ‘tu’is more frequent. At times your coworkerswill use this informal word among themselves, but ‘vous’ with the bosses or heads. However, sometimes your seniors might not like this segregation and will ask you to use the informal way of addressing her, him or others.

  • The French “Company”

Understanding the French word ‘company can be a bit tricky sometimes. In general, you will come across the term ‘unesociete’which, in the English sense means “society”. A reputed French training institute will help you in understanding the meaning of these words as they are very important. Anyway, here “society” means “company”, as in an enterprise or an organization.

  • Your Typical French Business Day

Amongst the most common words in French that you will hear in the office on a business day is ‘mettre a jour’. It means to update someone (about something). Another one is ‘unemiseau point’ which means to bring something into focus. There are many other common words or phrases as well which we will discuss later.

  • Dealing with Reports

Your seniors in the business will ask you to ‘livrer’ report. Here, the word means to turn in or to present. A couple of similar words that all the French courses in Kolkata will teach are ‘un bilan’ which means a published report. Similarly, ‘une evaluation’is an evaluation (of an employee or a report). Sometimes you will use formal, and sometimes a bit informal to make your communication style a natural one.

  • Money in the French Business

In French ‘le salaire’ means salary, ‘leshonoraires’ means fees and ‘le paiement’ means, as you have guessed it, payment. The accounting department is sometimes called ‘la compta’. On the other hand, ‘le benefice’is the company’s profit. The assets are called ‘lesbiens’.

  • Telephonic Communications in French (for Business Purposes)

‘Allo’ is the typical greeting word when communicating over the phone. However, it is informal and not so suitable for business. For this reason, you can replace it with ‘bonjour’. For ending the call use ‘au revoir’.When video conferencing,some of the most common words are ‘la connection esttresmauvaise’ which translates to the connection is very bad. In case of connection drops you will say ‘la connection a etecoupee’ the meaning of which is, the connection dropped. In a French language course in Kolkata, you will learn many of these words and phrases.

French is an interesting language and to get the full essence you need to get yourself enrolled in a French training institute. The trainers in the institute will teach you with a lot of examples and study materials so that you get a good idea of how to converse with others in a business environment.

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