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December 4, 2018

Bengali or ‘Bangla’ is a widely spoken South East Asian language with 260 million native speakers in India and 20 million in Bangladesh. In India, it is the second most widely spoken language among the 22 scheduled languages behind Hindi. The language is also the 7th most widely spoken languages in the world.

Though a regional language, learning it provides numerous interesting career opportunities and to get these opportunities you need to take up a Bengali Language Course in Kolkata from a training institute.
The first thing that you will be able to do after learning the language is, you will be able to connect yourself with Bengali speakers and will be able to discover the native culture. Other than this, there is a broad range of career opportunities that are available after you have completed the course. These include:

  • Translators
  • Interpreters
  • Teachers
  • Tourism guides
  • Research and Academic works

There are in fact many other opportunities too that you will get after completing the course but here we will discuss how learning the language will help you to get these opportunities.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when learning not just Bengali but any other language is to get training from an expert. To do this, however, you need to enroll yourself to a reputed training institute where the teachers will guide you at all times and will give you special attention whenever you are facing issues. You will be able to achieve these if you take up a Bengali Language Course in Kolkata.

The language comes out of Sanskrit; however, some words were added from other languages as well such as Persian, French etc. And with the passage of time just like other languages it has evolved where plenty of words have been added and their pronunciations have been modified. Additionally, it is a language that is composed of complex grammar and comes very close to Sanskrit. This is the sole reason for getting trained from experts who possess vast knowledge of the subject. Moreover, if you want to become a translator, be it from ‘Bangla’ or into ‘Bangla’, you need to have a good knowledge of grammar and the language as a whole.

In the job market, interpreters play an important role and for this, they have to learn not just the language, but also the pronunciations. Leading institutes that provide training of the language improve the pronunciations of the students with the help of audio and supervising them when they are speaking it in the class. The interpreters also need to quickly translate what has been said so as to maintain the fluency between communications and these are only possible if the language is learned from the experts and by joining in a Bengali Language Course in Kolkata.

If you wish to be a teacher of the Bengali language, taking up this course will help a lot. The trainers will guide you on the ways with which you can improve in the language so that you can teach as well as complete your academic projects or research.

Since a large number of Bengali speakers are found in the state of West Bengal in India and the country Bangladesh, you will be able to explore the culture of these two geographical areas by getting connected with the people through this language.

In recent times ‘Bangla’ has become immensely popular among people of not just India and Bangladesh, but of other countries as well. You can see an increased number of online communities and international level cultural programmes taking place in several countries. Therefore, learning the language by taking up the Bengali Language Course in Kolkata is a must if you want to start a great career today.

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