How French language can help accomplish your academic and career goals?

January 1, 2019

Learning French could be a difficult task for many.  People want to learn a foreign language out of their interest for a certain country and its culture or owing to professional demand. There is a growing demand for foreign language specialist in the areas such as hospitality, travel and tourism and French Language Course in Kolkata does address this demand. If any individual wants to develop their career in these industries, the skill of foreign language such as French can help them to attain their career target in this regard.

Why French?

The answer to this question is different for different people. But there is a commonality and that is interest. No one can accomplish any task if he/she has no interest to do that. The reason of interest may differ from person to person. Some people get attracted to the rich cultural heritage of France. As a country, France retains a formidable cultural and political past. This is the birthplace of the contemporary socio-political ideology of the world, which is based on liberty, equality, and fraternity. France has been the think tank of human civilization. This land has offered great thinkers such as Rousseau, Voltaire, Denis Diderot in the past and Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida in contemporary time. French is the language of passion for many scholars of Bengal, such Prof. Chinmoy Guha, Mr.Pushkar Dasgupta, Prof Hari Vasudevan to name a few. They started their language journey out of passionate interest and a French Language Course in Kolkata does respect this passion as it leads some enthusiasts such as Professor Guha to the international accomplishments from France. Apart from passionate enthusiasm, professional interest can be another reason behind language learning.

What career prospect the French language can offer?

In order to judge the career possibility in the French language, we must have some idea regarding the French economy. France is the sixth largest economy in the world. On the basis of purchasing power it is in the 10th position. This country headquarters some eminent multinationals such as Alstom, Snyder Electrics, AXA etc. Most of the leading multinationals are keeping their SBUs in France. The competence of the French language can enhance the job possibilities in these companies as well and a French Language Course in Kolkata retains a strategy to offer competent language users as the workforce for these multinational organizations.

French language proficiency has high demand in the hospitality sector. There is an existing demand for French cuisine in the different parts of the globe as well. A proficient person in the French language can always expect an advantage in the international hospitality sector. Apart from this, French is the official language of communication in many other countries all across the globe. Canada for instance, has a French-speaking province name Quebec. That is the reason French is one of the official languages along with English in that country. French is one of the spoken languages of Switzerland and Belgium too. The proficiency in this language is needed for the tourism industry and personnel with certain command in French can occupy a different responsible position in the travel and tourism industry.

Education in France:

France is another destination of higher education for Indian students. In contemporary time some eminent French universities are offering a different academic program in the English language. These programs are getting popular among students from different English speaking countries including India. Some idea of the French language and communication skill is required for the students who want to study in France. This skill is needed for the day to day activities;because most of the French people cannot speak or understand English. It is important for any student to learn French if they are planning to go to France for higher study. The basic communication skill in that language is essential for the students in this regard and French Language Course in Kolkata is a platform for the student population of the city that can facilitate their training need in this context.

How to learn French?

Development of interest in France and her culture can help a student to develop the right attitude for learning. The support from different media such as cinema, TV program or soap operas can help the potential French learner to get some idea regarding the French society and French culture. The golden voice of French singers such as Charles Aznavour or Edith Piaff can drag the attention of the music lovers. The influence of the lyrics of those music work as the catalyst in the mind of the interested listeners. If the student of a bilingual community receives her school instruction in the French language they can develop their proficiency in that language since the early childhood. Centre of education in Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry is a great example of this language learning process in this regard.

In conclusion, it can be said that French can be an ideal minority language for a bilingual language user. As a foreign language, French can offer a great advantage for the career. That is the reason French is the second widely taught language just after English all over the world.

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