How Learning Turkish Language can boost your Career?

January 27, 2021

Are you thinking what your competitors are doing right & what you’re doing wrong in-terms of taking career in the path of success? Are you lagging behind others & struggling in your career? If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking to give your career that extra edge & mileage, then learning Turkish is your key to success. Learning the language by pursuing a Turkish Language Course in Kolkata will strengthen your CV and make you eligible for lucrative jobs in diverse sectors.

Pave the way for better career choices

Being fluent in both English and Turkish language will give you an advantage over monolingual candidates in job interviews. There are vacancies from marketing to tourism to aviation to public relations where you can utilize your communication skills in Turkish.

You will be astonished to find out that employees who’re bilingual or multilingual have better opportunities of bagging jobs than those who’re adept monologists or have knowledge in English only.

Become successful in job interviews

Suppose you’ve an interview in a renowned MNC, and in order to convert your interview into job appointment you need to fluently communicate in Turkish language and present yourself with confidence and deal with the questions from HR. Going for a Turkish language course in Kolkata will help you to crack interviews.

Enjoy career growth

Your ability to speak Turkish language will open up great chances of going abroad and apply to better job opportunities and experience career growth.  Both big & small companies in Turkey recruit multilingual staff who can help them discover new business opportunities in overseas.

Avail higher salary packages

If you’ve a sound command over Turkish language, you can take home higher remuneration packages of CTC. You can receive an increment in between 10-15% to your previous salary.

Impress employers in international companies

International companies are establishing their regional offices worldwide & looking to expand in a big way in this era of globalization. They prefer to hire candidates who can combine or amalgamate in impeccably with foreign cultures and communicate with foreign clients regarding their products and services. By learning Turkish language, the fluency will give you the opportunity to work in a global workplace cultures and travel extensively.

Get prepared for client meetings and others written forms of communication

By acquiring fluency in oral communication in Turkish language, you can simply your tasks in meetings with clients hailing from Istanbul and make them fruitful by developing better corporate relationships with them which are ideal for the growth of any business. Knowing the native language of the clients will help you make them understand about the products or services you’re selling and also improve your corporate ties with them.

In addition, taking classes in Turkish language will help you develop better written skills with better sense of grammar and vocabulary. By putting your written communication skills into test, you can compose flawless business correspondences and letters and emails.

 Enroll in IITT Language Academy

Are you looking to become fluent in Turkish language in just a few months? Join us at IITT Language Academy & enroll in our in-depth Turkish Language Course in Kolkata. Our trainers and study materials will help you master the language. The extensive classes on grammar & vocabulary of Turkish language will help you delve deep & get immersed into the language. Their professional guidance, tips, suggestions, classroom activities & hands-on training will help you develop your communication skills and will make you proficient in the language. At IITT Language Academy we also provide basic, diploma, & advanced diploma courses in German, Dutch, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Romanian & much more.

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