How Technology has Facilitated Indonesian Language Learning? An In-depth Analysis

January 30, 2021

Are you planning to learn Indonesian language but in a different way? Are you fascinated by virtual learning and want to utilize technology in mastering Indonesian language? If yes, then read this blog post as it will help you to know how technology has made into our study rooms & have made textbooks & bulky dictionaries pale into insignificance.

Impact of digitization on Indonesian language learning

Gone are the days when you solely depended on textbooks as they gave way to digitized text. Now you can study Indonesian language via websites like Duolingo,, and Google Translate. Even bulky dictionaries have been replaced by digital reference learning materials which you can easily carry in your pocket & take from one place to another. If you opt for an online Indonesian Language Course in Kolkata you can have a stimulating virtual learning experience with PDF content, online tutorials, webinars, video lectures, audio files and others which are nothing but learning by utilizing technologies via the digital medium.

Look forward to a rich multimedia experience

Conventional classroom lessons were imparted to a large group of students, with an instructor helping students listen to and repeat words and phrases. But in this age of multimedia, learning a foreign language like Indonesian has been transformed for the better. As a learner your classes on grammar & vocabulary will no more be restricted to classroom lectures, textbook reading, & blackboard explanation. Thanks to technologies, you can listen to recorded conversation, audio CDs, and have an integrated learning experience with videos, audios, graphics, animation & much more.

The advent of videos and other resources like digital flashcards also started to make a big impact as new tools for students to master Indonesian language.  Open-source tools like Subs2Srs and Anki, you could generate digital flashcards that act as two-second excerpts of your favorite foreign TV show and then quiz you on what was just said.

Auto-correction for errors

Apart from learning, technology has enabled learners to rectify their mistakes through online auto correcting tools. From simple text-auto correct to grammatical rectification to pronunciation analyzers, by utilizing auto correction tools, you can learn & master Indonesian language easily.  These are free online tools which will make your learning more stimulating. However, to study methodically and get trained by experts, opting for an Indonesian Language Course in Kolkata is a smart move.

Incorporate social media

The role of social media is priceless and will give you the opportunity to receive peer reviews to learn something new. Online forums and social media assimilation in Indonesian language learning applications now offer a powerful tool for beginners & new learners.

Digital games

The introduction of game apps & consoles into Indonesian language learning has been revolutionary for students. By bringing a component of competition and reward, this process of learning taps into the very fundamental parts of the human brain. It will help you to retain information for longer & memorize different facts easily.

Personalized learning experience

If you’re looking to get personalized training in Indonesian language, then learning in virtual classroom is the best option. Applications and resources such as will help you conduct research and learn the material you wish to.

Other tools like Bliubliu can provide expert guidance to you in this regard.  With a little bit of training, Bliubliu can foretell which texts you’ll prefer and feed you with a list of regular diet of engaging Indonesian-language articles – customized to you.

Other tools like Skype will make it easy to practice Indonesian language and gain conversational fluency by giving you freedom to connect and communicate with local speakers from across the world without making the effort to travel there. You can practice conversations with them from the comfort of your home.

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