How to Introduce Yourself to the Russian Language Properly?

May 21, 2019

While learning any foreign language, it is important to introduce yourself to it. Naturally, introducing yourself to the language means getting accustomed with it by learning the grammar, formation of words, the writing system and the pronunciation of the words. You can master these by joining a Russian language course in Kolkata provided by a foreign language institute.

Now, let’s get right into the procedures of getting yourself introduced to the language.

Writing the Russian Language

The writing system of the Russian language is almost parallel to the Latin alphabets since both of these languages come from the Greek alphabet. There are, however, a couple of letters that are unique to Russian only. There is also the presence of soft sign (Ь) and hard sign (Ъ) which are essential for writing. There are some letters in Russian that look the same as Latin letters, but they are pronounced differently. Sometimes, the letters resemble several Latin alphabets are hence it gets very difficult to get used to.

Cases used in the Language

Cases in Russian can be challenging at first. Cases are the form of nouns, pronouns, adjectives changes depending on functions in a sentence. Beginners at often times find difficulty in trying to remember the different endings for the different cases. This mostly happens when there is gender. There are three genders in Russian, masculine, feminine and neuter and in a Russian language course in Kolkata, you will learn about the gender in details.

The endings of the cases vary depending on gender and number and it takes time to learn all of this in an organized manner. Hence, while learning the language you must take your time accordingly.

If you are not perfect in cases, it is not that you will not understand the language. However, focus on learning the words and their pronunciations and develop the vocabulary to get a good grasp on the language.

Order of Words

In English, there is a definite word order to understand a set of activities. Similarly, Russian has cases which clarify the activities comprehensively. At the same time, in Russian, you will use this without using articles and the language resembles the word order issues that we have in English.

Let us give you a few examples. In Russian one can say “This is a pen” when translated to English. Russians, however, do not include any articles so they just say, “This pen.” There are other examples as well, which you will learn while taking up a Russian language course in Kolkata where the word order will be taught by linguists in details.

Verbs in Russian

As you are introducing yourself to the language, you will face Russian verbs. There are two aspects of verbs viz. ‘imperfective’ and ‘perfective’.  The former aspect is used when an action is incomplete whereas the latter is used when the action is complete. Verbs in Russian sometimes contain both of these aspects. For instance, ‘to speak’ is both perfective and imperfective.

Russian is fascinating and a beautiful language with a rich history and culture. After your introduction is complete and you have acquired proficiency, you can communicate with the natives in the Russian language. Moreover, you will be able to read Russian literature and delve into the drama and theatre for which Russia is renowned.

Lastly, while you are getting accustomed to the language, pay attention to the grammar. Remember that learning Russian or any other foreign language will take time and when you are taking up the Russian language course in Kolkata, you will learn it step by step following the CEFR guidelines. If you practice Russian by reading, speaking and watching movies, you will have no problems in even getting a job in the field of foreign language.

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