How to learn Russian in a most effective way and gain success?

January 3, 2019

After 20 years of collapse of communism, Russia is still a happening place in Europe. Global controversy regarding different socio-political issues may be responsible for this. Despite all these Russia still occupies a distinct place in terms of cultural contribution. There are three which phases exist in the contemporary history of the land. First is the pre-Soviet past, the second is the Soviet past and third is a post-Soviet period, which indicates the contemporary time. A Russian Language Course in Kolkata is a conducive platform to learn the language and culture of this colourful land.

Russia is the land of contradiction. On the one side it is the land of excellent cultural history but on the other side, it is the country of political upheaval, oligarchy, and tyranny. The cultural side of this country always drags the attention of the culture sensitive and erudite community of the world. The era of Andrei Rublev and Pushkin, for instance, was the vestige of pre-soviet phase of Russian history whereas Gorky represents the spirit of Russian revolution. The ideologically influenced work of Sergei Eisenstein is the representation of the proletariat struggle of Russia at the time of Romanov era. These ingredients of Russian culture influenced sensitive communities from different parts of the world. It works as the motivator for many creative artists irrespective of their command on the language. Learning the language of the land can offer a better opening for all the sensitive minds who want to ingrain the culture and take nourishment from that.

Learning the language of the land can offer a better opening for all the sensitive minds who want to ingrain the culture and take nourishment from that.

What Russian language can offer to the learner?

Like any other language, learning Russian can offer better accessibility to the core culture to the land of its origin. It can offer the ability to the student to read Tolstoy or Pushkin in their own language. Apart from this, it can offer connectivity with the mind of the Russian people. One may try to exploit this ability for professional purpose. A Russian Language Course in Kolkata is offering an opportunity to develop the professional competence along with the lingual ability. A professional expert in the Russian language can use their skill in different areas such as communication, translation and corporate level marketing. The job of an interpreter is the example of a career in communication. The responsibility of the interpreter is to communicate with the vernacular speakers. The scope of the interpreter’s job is also high. These personnel are responsible for high-level communication. The incompetence of these people may cause misunderstanding and can generate intense impact in various important areas. The job of the translator is another job responsibility one can expect after having a qualification in the Russian language. Translators are mostly involved in the process of translating literary documents. This job is also a job of high responsibility. The mistake in literary translation may cause confusion and misunderstanding for both the parties. Different organizations from private and public sectors are recruiting language experts for this position. They may have to travel to Russia as part of the delegate team. A Russian Language Course in Kolkata can offer the opportunity of a lucrative career to the learner.

Some tips for the Russian language learners:

  • Feel the hankering for Russian: If you can’t motivate yourself for Russian, you cannot retain your enthusiasm for a long period of time. Many learners start their lingual journey due to a craze. They couldn’t continue it for long. A superficial interest cannot last for a long period of time.
  • Know something regarding the land and its culture: If the learner has no idea regarding the history of the language and its land of origin, he cannot retain his interest for a long period of time.
  • Listen to Russian new channel: You may not understand anything at the initial phase of your learning but this is the way to develop listening ability in Russian.
  • Interact with the vernacular speaker: It can offer immense help to the language learner. This interaction can give you the idea of the real-life situation, where you can use your lingual skills.
  • Try to imitate the vernacular speakers: Imitation is another way to naturalize the vernacular accent of any language. In the case of Russian, imitation can offer help to the new learner. Successful imitation can help you to develop the level of confidence too.

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