Improve Interaction with People in Office with an Indonesian Language Course in Kolkata

October 28, 2020

In the era of globalization, companies in India are having more foreign clients than domestic.  From aviation to hospitality, BPO to manufacturing, the number of clients from overseas has increased drastically in the recent years. It means besides fluency in English, if you have the ability to speak another language, it can help you thrive in the corporate sector. It is needless to say good communication skills are considered a valuable asset and resource in any organization and the demand of bilinguals are on a surge.

In this competitive job scenario, learning Indonesian language can pay you rich dividends. Opting for an Indonesian language course in Kolkata can help you get jobs in diverse Indian industries. Prominent among them is the BPO & KPO, aviation, tourism, import-export and other industries. With your sound command over the language, you can get jobs as customer care executives in international BPOs, corporate trainers, translators, flight attendants, tourist guides, liaison officers, and much more. All these positions require excellent verbal communication skills in English and Indonesian.

An Indonesian language course in Kolkata will hone your verbal and nonverbal communication skills

In modern corporate cultures, it is mandatory to have good communication and fluency in speaking. Mastering or acquiring proficiency in Indonesian language can do wonders when it comes to boosting your chances of getting jobs or interacting with clients smoothly over phone or meeting. From working as voice process associate or non-voice process agent where you will interact with Indonesian clients by attending their calls or applying for corporate trainer jobs, the options are just unlimited.

If you are ambitious and want more zing and excitement, then knowing Indonesian language will give you the opportunity to work as a flight attendant. If you are an extrovert and love being at outdoors, then the profile and tasks of tourist guides might interest you. Tourist guides work in reputed travel agencies and tour operators where they plan trip itineraries and accompany visitors in the sightseeing excursions for showing them the special attractions.

If you are looking to utilize your seamless writing skills in Indonesian, you can start your career as a translator or interpreter. Choosing to work as a freelancer is a lucrative option if you are looking for unlimited income opportunities every month. The job requires translating a written content into Indonesian or translating Indonesian into target language. The written material can be legal, business, technical, scientific, literary and much more.

Perhaps the best way to start your career is working as a liaison officer which will give you the opportunity to utilize your verbal skills in Indonesian language and coordinate various activities in an organization.

An Indonesian language course in Kolkata will offer you extensive guidance and expert tips to sharpen you’re speaking and writing skills in the language. There are extensive learning modules on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of the language. By enrolling for the course, you will get access to quality study materials, lectures, suggestions, workshops, assignments, and others. The classes will focus on starting from scratch and brush up your communication prowess for better job prospects and career advancements. The course will also benefit advanced students who want to dig profoundly and carry out research into the language.

Step into IITT Language Academy and enroll into online basic, diploma, and advanced diploma Indonesian language course in Kolkata. Get expert guidance, valuable tips, quality study materials, and guaranteed placements in top companies after successfully completing the course. The ISO 9001: 2015 accredited institute also provides courses in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, and other foreign languages to train candidates for rewarding careers in diverse sectors.

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