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October 21, 2022

Importance of Setting Goals in Learning the Korean Language

If learners set goals and objectives before starting to learn the Korean language then it would help them to stay motivated and reach a greater level of productivity. The article discusses how setting goals and objectives when learning the Korean language is a winning strategy.

We all have goals in life. Some of us want to earn money, others are interested in building careers, and the rest just want to pass their exams with flying colours. It’s the goals which goad us and keep us going. Similarly, when it comes to learning the Korean language, one needs to have goals to succeed but many of us tend to neglect or overlook them. Setting goals have several advantages.

Goals help us recognize what we want to accomplish. It’s tough to accomplish success when we don’t have the definition of “success”. Setting objectives helps us pinpoint what we want to achieve so we can begin working toward accomplishing it.  To learn the Korean language systematically by setting goals, opt for a Korean Language Course in Kolkata

Goals maintain our concentration levels when studying and find out what’s important and what’s not. When learning the Korean language we have to be acquainted with literally countless various syntax rules, words in vocabulary and cultural competencies. Even when we fail or make mistakes, having goals keeps us focused and avoids us from being confused or discouraged. By remembering the purpose of our learning the Korean language, and focusing on less information, we can make quicker progress and acquire tangible skills.



Goals help in saving our time which is again a huge advantage because in this competitive and fast-paced world and amidst domestic chores and professional commitments being able to take some time out for studies is a great achievement. Rather than memorizing vocabulary words, getting started directly with those words related to how we want to use the Korean language in daily life is a smart move. Setting goals helps us recognize our eventual reason behind studying the language, which spurs and rejuvenates us to achieve greater things.


Goals offer a way to judge or evaluate our progress, which helps in boosting our confidence and motivation to learn more. Without goals and objectives, it can be time-consuming to learn the Korean language well, and it’s disappointing to devote time to something that proves futile or unproductive. By setting goals, we can assess our progress and feel goaded to reach our target.

How to set goals?

Now the big question arises of how learners can set goals and achieve their targets in Korean language learning. Well, it is simple. Here are some valuable tips.

Korean Language Course in Kolkata Bifurcate the goals

Goals must be divided into ultimate ones, short-term ones and specific steps. The ultimate goal is the eventual objective that learners want to achieve that they’re set to. For example, learning the Korean language for higher studies in Seoul. On the other hand, short-term goals define what learners want to achieve within a week or month whereas the specific step revolves around learning the Korean language for a particular purpose including sightseeing, shopping, personal pleasure, dining at local restaurants etc.

Set a timeframe

Working within deadlines is a methodical approach. When learning the Korean language setting deadlines can be fruitful. The perfect time to do it is in between one week and three months.

Korean Language Course in Kolkata Start with the fundamental words

Concentrate on tangible tasks instead of setting an objective of learning for half an hour every day this week. Kick off with the basic vocabulary words related to ordering a cup of coffee at a cafe. Undertake a Korean Language Course in Kolkata to get guided by experts.

Recognize particular things that a learner plans to learn

Instead of recognizing a specific amount of new words in the Korean language, focus on outcomes a learner wants to accomplish. For instance, set an objective of studying the vocabulary words used in names of automobiles or body parts or kinds of attire because that would be easy to remember.


Taking part in quizzes and games can be an excellent way to measure the progress a learner has made and how much he learned NT. However, learners should not stress or press too hard while learning.

To sum up, never underestimate the learning goals and be optimistic while learning the Korean language. Keep the fun elements alive, and opt for a Korean Language Course in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy.

Korean Language Course in Kolkata Conclusion

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