Learn Italian Language in Kolkata

November 11, 2022

Learn Italian Language in Kolkata & Become a Flight Attendant in Aviation Sector 

Are you ambitious & looking to become a flight attendant & ensure safety and comfort of passengers during flight? Do you want to be a part of the cabin crew in commercial aircrafts? Then one way to get wings to fly is becoming bilingual.

The one skill that you need for a better opportunity to become a flight attendant or steward is to be multilingual, with proficiency in more than one language. Apart from knowing English, your chances will further get better with each additional language in which you are fluent. If you are fluent in Italian, you can certainly make your dreams come true. There are many leading institutes where you can learn Italian in Kolkata for a brilliant career as a flight attendant.

What is the role of a flight attendant?

Aviation is one of the lucrative sectors in India & overseas which offer a host of exciting career opportunities to aspirants. It provides them the opportunity to travel to different countries and meet new people & get introduced to diverse cultures. The best way to excel is to have excellent communication skills in English & Italian.

A flight attendant is a part of customer service and their duties are concerned with safety. As a flight attendant, you’ve to ensure passengers arrive one hour before each flight and take into account factors like weather, probable turbulence, flight duration, and others in detail.  You also need to stay updated with safety information and emergency equipment supplies pertinent to the aircraft. Other duties include providing medical care and emergency evacuation directions to the passengers onboard. For performing all these tasks, strong communication skills in Italian are required. Learn Italian language in Kolkata and gain proficiency in speaking the language.

Qualities required to become a flight attendant

If you’re aspiring to be a flight attendant, you need to be a dynamic individual, which means you’ve to be extrovert, ambitious, assertive, adventurous, enterprising, zealous, confident, and optimistic. You cannot overlook the social aspect too. We’ve put together the qualities you need to excel as a flight attendant.

Communication skills:

the first & foremost criteria is to possess strong interpersonal communication skills and fluency while speaking. You’ve to take part in briefings with the pilots before a flight, discuss cabin conditions and flight details and interact with safety staff, passengers and other people and with strong communication skills, you can make your job look easy. Proficiency in English & Italian with a pleasant personality is enough to land you the job in prestigious airline companies.

 Customer service skills:

while working as a flight attendant, you’ve to address customer requirements and make sure they have a good travel experience. It revolves around developing qualities like active listening, sympathy, understanding and solving the problems of passengers and communication. Besides that, you’ll serve beverages, meals, or snacks to the passengers.  Hence customer service is an essential trait and aspirants should develop it.

Learn Italian language in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy and get the best training & expert guidance from top instructors. Master grammar & vocabulary for a successful career as a flight attendant or steward in reputed airline companies.

Learn Italian language in Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on how to become a flight attendant. Becoming bilingual is a great way to get ahead in the aviation sector, and shows that you are taking the initiative to learn how to speak three languages. We hope that you will be successful in your journey of becoming bilingual, and will be able to share your knowledge with your friends and family. More than anything, we hope you find the time to travel and make memories! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at IITT Language Academy.


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