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September 18, 2020

The demand of foreign language has accelerated at an unprecedented rate in the recent years. In the corporate world, proficiency over foreign language gives an individual an edge over others. Russian language is one such foreign language whose popularity will never dwindle. Many people who are willing to learn it have an assortment of employment opportunities that await them in the corporate world. It is 8th most widely spoken language globally, and among the SIX official languages of the United Nations Organization (UNO).

If you want to learn Russian in Kolkata, there are many reputed foreign language academies which provide training.  They teach every student in a step by step process with extensive theoretical and practical studies.  With practice and patience, you’ll able to speak it fluently and write impeccably. But what are the job opportunities or career prospects? Take a look at them.

Work as a tour guide

Every year countless Russian tourists visit India for exploring it. They are fond of touring Goa which has marvelous sea beaches. They visit Goa to relax and unwind.  If you’ve the ability to speak Russian fluently then you can get the opportunity to work as a tourist guide in the tourism industry. It is an adventurous outdoor job where you’ve to explain the major tourist attractions to the visitors in a lucid and crisp manner.

In engineering sectors

Proficiency over Russian language in India will land you multitude vacancies in diverse technical sectors like Engineering, Science & Technology, Oil & Gas, Defense sector, etc. You can work in various technical and non technical departments of the companies that require strong communication skills to interact with customers, clients, stakeholders etc.

 As a guest relations executive

In the hospitality industry of India, there are plethora of hotels, aviation companies, and event management companies looking to hire competent individuals with strong command over Russian language.

If you’re one of them who can speak it fluently can aspire to become a guest relation executive in top-notch hotels. As a guest relations officer or executive, you’ll be assigned to perform tasks such as welcoming clients upon their arrival, coordinating the process of check-ins to their assigned rooms, giving them information on the facilities of the hotel, responding to their queries and ensuring they feel satisfied with food, accommodation and other services.

Work as trainer

There are many schools, colleges, educational institutes, and foreign language academies in India that recruit proficient Russian language trainers or teachers. They look for certified individuals who’ve done a certificate or diploma course from a leading institute. If you’re aspiring for a career in the education industry and work as Russian language teacher or trainer, you’ve to learn Russian language in Kolkata.

As a translator

Working as a translator is as prestigious as you think it to be. If you choose to work as a translator, you’ll transform or convert written content from one or more ‘source languages’ into the ‘target language’, While executing the task, you have to make sure that the translated version has the same meaning as the original copy or piece of writing. The demand for translators is huge in NGOs and Russian owned and operated MNCs. The demand has increased due to the large number of online jobs available and the market’s growth, making the job of a translator to be one of the best jobs for freshers or new graduates with creative skills. Pay package varies and depends on your skill levels and how well you know the language.

However, you should only venture into this profession if you’ve advanced knowledge of Russian language, excellent research skills, comprehensive cultural knowledge, and impeccable writing skills. You should be confident and have the ability to work within deadlines.

Learn Russian language in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy. The premier foreign language institute will offer you best guidance so that you become an expert in the language. Hone your oral and written skills with practical sessions, quality learning materials, best faculties, and round the clock online support.

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