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September 20, 2018

French is the second most widely spoken and learned language after English worldwide. It is nicknamed the language of love as it is the Romance language representing the family of Indo-European clan. In fact French is the official language spanning five continents and spoken by 220 million people in 29 countries. In the European Union it is considered to be the fourth largest language in terms of mother tongue spoken by people. French is   also the second sought after foreign language in terms of learning undertaken in the European Union. Globally it is considered to be the 18th largest spoken language natively. When it comes to language study it is the second most sought after language globally.

It is reported that French is spoken by 76 million speakers natively and there are 77 to 110 million speakers for whom it is the second language and they are considered as the secondary speakers in Africa mostly. French is also known as the global language of literature and science and practiced by many organizations internationally like World Trade organization, Red Cross and United nation.

Thus undertaking a course in French language provides you an opportunity to connect with 220 million people in 29 countries and 5 continents. This means it improves your linguistic capability in a foreign language and open new doors of opportunity in terms of job and travel. Apart from that you also now become part of the language considered to be second most widely spoken and learned language.

Why should you take up a French Language course?                                                      

The Course in French language enables you to understand the French by teaching you to read and write and subsequently strike a conversation in French with other people speaking the language. In addition it helps you to understand the culture of France and gain an insight into the way people lead their life and work.

Benefits of the Course

The major benefit of the course is, it enhances your educational qualification and makes you competent to converse in the second most widely spoken and learned language in the world. It can help you to increase your employ ability by opening new doors of opportunity.

Requirements for the Course

Generally there is no specific educational background required to undertake a Course in French Language though it is better to pursue the course after completing your high school degree or equivalent.

Career Prospects

The course will help you get a job in companies that conduct business with French companies. You can also act as interpreter to French delegates visiting India. The publishing house comes out with the need for translator and it can provide with huge scope for making a career. Thus taking up a Course in French Language improves your career prospect.

Advantage of Institute of International Training

There are many institutes offering course in foreign language in general and a Course in French Language in specific in Kolkata. But pursuing the course from Institute of International Training provides you with distinct advantage. The first and foremost among them is the qualified teachers who are domain experts and equipped to provide you world class training. The second advantage of taking the course in French Language is the E-Library facility offered by Institute of International Training that helps you access all the resources needed to make you an expert in the French language. The third advantage of doing the course with the institute is the audio visual training and mock session that are an integral part of the training which help the students to grasp the French language in a better manner and become an expert.

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