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December 18, 2018

China is the most populous country in the world having more than 30 dialects in its national language, is Mandarin Chinese. Almost seventy percent people of China speak Mandarin. Apart from Mandarin Chinese, there are some other languages too which are spoken by the Chinese people and one of them is Cantonese. However, Mandarin Chinese has been selected as the most widely spoken languages in the world.

The Chinese Language Course in Kolkata is an initiative to make the language more popular to the rest of the world. The Chinese language is gradually gaining popularity in the world and this popularity is directly connected with the growing economy of China.

Apart from Chinese literature, other cultural ingredients of the country such as art, cinema and drama are now widely studied all over the world. The basic feature of the Chinese language is different compared to its European counterparts. One of the important aspects of this language is the script which is very different than any other Asian language such as Hindi or Urdu and this is one of the reasons people of India do not find this language at all conducive for their learning. But today, the scenario has changed. People are learning this language for academic, research and career purposes and the Chinese Language Course in Kolkata is an attempt to teach the language to the Indians.

The reason for learning Chinese:

Learning Chinese has several benefits in contemporary times. The language is gaining popularity in the world market due to the expansion of businesses. The steady growth of the Chinese multinationals has created numerous posts for translators and interpreters who will help in the development of businesses, as well as foreign relations.

Other than these, there are two cultural factors which have contributed to the popularity of the language. One is martial arts, and the other, China town. The first one was popularized by Hollywood through the Bruce Lee and Shaolin movies in the era of late seventies. The second one retains its obvious presence in the demographics of different countries. The noticeable living of Chinese people in different parts of the world drags the attention of the global population as China town. The China towns are popular tourist attractions in different cities throughout the world. For instance, the livelihood of the Chinese population of San Francisco drags the attention of the city dwellers as well as other visitors from the different parts of the world. The same scenario can be seen in Kolkata as well. This is because the Chinese people have established their prominent presence in a specific part of the city called China town of Kolkata. Also known as Tiretta Bazaar, it is the home to about 20,000 Chinese Indian residents.

The student of Chinese Language Course in Kolkata will be able to explore the culture and people in these regions since Mandarin is one of the well-spoken languages in these localities.

In conclusion, it can be said that the scope and opportunities after learning Chinese are immense. There is a notion that the language is very complex and is not suitable for anyone and everyone. This is entirely untrue because apart from practice, it depends on how you have learnt the language. For this reason, it is always best to join an institute which houses experienced trainers.

To learn any language and not just Chinese, you need to be in touch with it. This can be achieved by listening to a speech and reading story books which include basic words, numbers etc. and if you face problems, you can ask your trainer while taking up a Chinese Language Course in Kolkata. If you are really enthusiastic about making a career out of foreign languages, this is the best course for you.

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