Learning Japanese Language: 7 Things to Know

April 7, 2021

Thinking about taking lessons in the Japanese language? From overlooking your age to constantly reminding the actual reason for learning to take a methodical approach, experts share their tips.

Set achievable objectives

It’s true that learning a new language can be challenging. Everything is new from alphabets to words to grammar rules, but by establishing achievable & realistic targets, you can go a long way. It will also help you stay motivated and breaking down your goals on a weekly, monthly & yearly basis. Opting for a Japanese Language Course in Kolkata will help you gain expertise in the core areas of the language & get guidance from professionals.

Remember the purpose of learning

Identifying the exact reason behind why you want to learn the language is vital to motivate yourself & sustain the momentum. It can be as diverse as travel to higher education or even immigration. However, if you’re learning Japanese for career, jobs, & business then you need to be extra motivated. Constantly reminding that you’re learning the language for a career or job, will inspire & goad you to excel.

Choose your learning style

Are you a visual or auditory or kinesthetic learner? Depending on your learning style, you must choose your learning mode. If you are a visual learner then watching Japanese movies, information through graphs and presentations will work best for you. If you are an auditory learner, you’ll be inclined to songs, podcasts, audio lectures, etc. If you learn best by reading then books are the best choice.

Learn words & phrases in context

Memorizing lists of words in the Japanese language can be tricky as well as dull. Experts believe that the secret to success is to associate words for retaining the information: “A great method to boost the stock of words is to ensure the lists you’re learning come from situations or texts that you have gone through yourself so that it becomes relevant & links to the background. For more tricks & strategies to learn the Japanese language effectively, go for a Japanese Language Course in Kolkata

Translate Japanese words into English & vice versa

For expanding your vocabulary & memorizing them, translation is vital. Consult a dictionary & translate Japanese words into English & vice versa. Don’t forget to note them down.  Once you have reached a specific level of expertise and can say a few words fairly accurately, it’s time to focus on translation.

Never stop learning

Even after gaining fluency in the Japanese language, you should continue learning because it triggers individual growth and unlimited improvement.

Visit Japan

Holidaying and living overseas can contribute to & supplement your learning in the classroom. It will make you feel empowered & confident. Interacting with the natives & intermingling with the culture during your visit to Japan can go a long way in digging deep into various facets of the language & grow your interest. Plus, active socializing & wine & dine can all provide a fruitful experience that you’ll cherish lifelong & keep the sweet memories of. You’ll feel stimulated & invigorated with your lessons.

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