Learning Japanese? Reading These 5 Books Are a Must for Beginners

January 11, 2019

Getting trained in the Japanese language can give you a lot of benefits in terms of career, academics, travels etc. and as an interested candidate, you must read these 5 books as a beginner so as to grasp the language quickly. If you are learning the language from a training institute or from the internet, you can read these books as reference materials as well.

There are many books that have been published to help you learn Japanese and many new ones are emerging in the market everyday but we want to focus in these 5 books as these are used in many training programs in Kolkata and India and abroad. In fact, if you are taking up a Japanese language course from a training institute or thinking about registering to one, chances are you will find any one of these in your curriculum too. Now let us focus on the books that will help you, the beginner to understand the concepts of the language.

  1. A Guide To Japanese Grammar by Tae Kim

The writer of this book is also a blogger who publishblogs in Japanese, Chinese and even Korean. This book can help you in a lot of areas. ‘A Guide to Japanese Grammar’ as the name suggests, discusses mainly the grammatical aspects of the language. The books discuss writing, phonetics,and grammar that you need to know to write or speak in the language. Due to its popularity, many institutes have included this book in their curriculum.

As a beginner If you are taking up a Japanese language course in Kolkata, this book will help you immensely as it is readily available on the internet, and in local academic bookstores. The book comprises examples related to vocabulary that is used in real life. In the long run, this book will be your best friend as its systematic approach will help you to acquire the skills of casual speech in Japanese as well.

  1. Remembering the Kanji by James W. Heisig

Japanese is comprised of ‘kanji’s. It is the pictorial form of writing the language and this book will provide you with a different approach to learning Japanese. You will learn the ‘kanji’s through stories. Each kanji is based on a story element. These kanjis are used as a mnemonic device which will aid you to remember them thoroughly.

You will learn the meaning of the kanjis with in-depth examples. The book will also help you with memorizing the letters and can also help you n academics.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect Basic Japanese by Erico Sato

This is one of the best books written by Sato which focuses on learning Japanese through practice exercises. The book comprises of chapters each of which consists of specific types of lesson. By taking up these exercises you will be able to develop strong concepts on grammar and vocabulary.

Sato’s book is easy to understand and can be considered an important part of any Japanese language course. The book is easy to understand and it covers the areas viz. writing, phonetics, and others. Along with the exercises, you get a dictionary to understand the words in the Japanese vocabulary.

  1. Minna no Nihongo (Japanese Learning for Everybody)

This book by 3A Corporation focuses mostly on the basics of the language. The book is written in a very simple manner and is best for beginners. Students of the elementary level will find this book to be very helpful as it has simple exercises and helps in learning the language from the ground up.

  1. Japanese from Zero – Trombley

The book by Trombley is ideal for intermediate and basic learners of the Japanese language. The book covers all the aspects of the language viz. pronunciation, writing, vocabulary and other grammatical aspects. If you are searching for a book that is in line to the curriculum of the Japanese language course in Kolkata in which you have registered, you will find that this is the book that matches your preferences.

There are other books in the market apart from these which you can follow to guide you in learning Japanese. However, these 5 that we have stated will help you to learn the language quickly and easily.

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