Let’s Explore the Land Of Rising Sun with the Japanese Language

December 17, 2018

India has retained her age-old connection with Japan.  Both the countries are associated with their spiritual tradition through the acceptance of Buddhism as one of the parts of their tradition. Buddhism emerged from India and got accepted in Japan. Afterward, it became a widely accepted religion in Japan.  However, Japan has its own religion called Shintoism. Despite having own religion, the popularity of Buddhism is one of the signs of acceptance of Indian spirituality in the distant land.

Japanese Language Course in Kolkata is a unique venture to attract the language lovers of the city to explore the language of an unknown land and its culture. As the former part of the British Empire, India has accepted English as the official language of the country. The educated population of this country has opened up their mind to other European as well as Asian languages. But it is seen that in most of the cases they are more interested in languages such as French or German. But in the case of the Asian languages, the scenario is different. In most of the cases the Asian languages do not share any obvious resemblance with their European counterparts.  That is one of the reasons the Indian educated population are not enthusiastic in learning Asian languages.

Today, the mindset of people has changed a lot. Contemporary generations are more interested to explore the new cultural territories of the world. At present times the Japanese Language Course in Kolkata has come into limelight. In most situations, young people like to get involved in certain types of engagement which can pay back after a certain period of time. The scope of learning Japanese is huge in this regard and there are several multinational companies who prefer to recruit candidates from a multilingual background. Japanese In modern times Japan has become one of the leading financial superpowers of the world. The country has involved itself in global politics too and the interaction with the Japanese people has hence become unavoidable in the international context.

Japan was never subjugated under any European nations and that is the reason the Japanese community keeps itself distant from European languages. If a person wants to visit Japan, she needs to get familiar with the basic application of the language. Else, it will be problematic for her to continue the basic communication for day to day living.

The Japanese language doesn’t follow any Roman script for writing.  So, the alphabets of this language may seem quite different to the new learners.  This is the reason that learning the writing script carefully is one of the major responsibilities for the students and the teachers at the same time. By taking up the Japanese Language Course in Kolkata a candidate will be able to learn the language comprehensively from the experts.

In conclusion, it can be said that Bengal, as well as India, cherished certain links with Japan. The great poet of Bengali literature, Rabindranath Tagore received great patronage from Japan. The famous Japanese intellectual Oakakura visited Rabindranath and remained his friend forever.

Japan was able to connect with another great Bengali freedom fighter and revolutionary, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. During the time of Second World War, Bose escaped from the grip of the British government and joined with the Axis powers.

If you take up the Japanese Language Course in Kolkata, you will be able to explore many interesting topics in academics, research, and other areas. You will also be able to take up different professions as well after taking up this course from an institute which houses the best teachers in the industry.

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