Methods of Teaching Spanish to Children in Simple Ways

April 26, 2019

Today, we will be discussing the methods of teaching Spanish to young children. This blog is for teachers but even if you are not a teacher and do not possess much knowledge of the language, you can teach your kids the basics of Spanish. However, if you want to learn it and become a teacher, look out for some Spanish courses in Kolkata which will equip you with the skills for becoming a trainer.

Now let us take a look at the simple ways of teaching the language to children.

  1. Start with Basic Numbers, Colors and Mathematics

Children love easy puzzles and problem-solving. In this area what could be greater than teaching them numbers in Spanish with basic additions and subtractions. Along with this, colors and names of certain objects such as fruits, chairs, etc. will help in increasing their interest in the language.

  1. Teaching with Flip Book Animation

Animations are loved by all and children are their greatest admirers. You can teach words or events such as ‘raining’, ‘flying’ etc. through flipbook animation. Since they love it, chances are that they will memorize it too. You will learn the procedures of making flipbooks by taking up a Spanish language course in Kolkata provided by foreign language training institutes.

  1. Using Audio and Video

It has been scientifically proven that audio and video not only helps in learning a language but also in memorizing whatever you have learnt. Thus, to enrich the learning process, you can take the help of Youtube. Show your children some Nursery rhymes in Spanish to get acquainted with the language.

  1. Teach with Some Good Books

There are lots of good books on the market which you can use to help children learn Spanish. These books comprise of pictures that children will like. There will also be basic words and numbers that are easy to learn.

  1. Games in Spanish

An interactive way of teaching the language is to use video games. Today, most children like and play video games. You can find some games in Spanish that will help them learn basic words. However, since games can become addictive, it is best not to use them too much in teaching.

  1. Using Applications

Apart from audio and video, this is another form of interactive learning. Applications for smartphone or desktop can be used to teach not just children but also adults. There are plenty of applications that you can find. However, nowadays most of the Spanish courses in Kolkata provided by institutes have their proprietary learning apps for students.

  1. Teaching through Songs

Songs are liked by all and it is a good technique to teach Spanish to kids. But not all songs can be used in this process. Apart from the rhymes, there are a few songs which can help in learning a couple of basic words or phrases. You can search Youtube or other popular mediums over the internet to find the songs.

  1. Teach Through Different Activities

Just like project-based activities in elementary schools, conduct activities that help in learning the basics of the language to children quickly. Lots of activities can be set up such as collaborative sentence making or being able to tell the names of objects in Spanish. A Spanish language course in Kolkata will provide you all the details on the projects that you can assign for your students, both adult as well as children.

  1. Teaching Phonics in Simple Ways   

Teaching phonics to children can be difficult. To teach them in simple ways you need to break down the words and describe the patterns in which they will be pronounced. This must include pictures and colors to make them more attractive to children.

  1. Providing Special Attention While Learning

It takes a long time to learn foreign languages properly. Though the childhood period is the best time to start learning, personal attention is important because this is how you identify the problems that the children might be having while learning the language and you can then solve accordingly. Since children cannot express everything properly so it is necessary for you to determine their progress in the learning process.

These are some of the simple ways in which you will help children to learn Spanish. If you are a teacher, you can follow several other ways also to boost the learning process.

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