Opting For a Course in Russian? Let’s Explore What We Will Learn

December 13, 2018

Young children of middle class Bengali families become familiar with the name Leo Tolstoy in their sprouting years; such is the influence of Russian culture in the Bengali life. During the Soviet era the influence of Russia invaded the socio-cultural life of Bengal. Not only Russian literature but Russian cinema too had a major influence over the creative circle of Kolkata. The influence of the film makers such as Sergei Eisenstein, Pudovkin, Dovzenko has remained embedded in the cultural skin of Bengal. Russian language course in Kolkata can stimulate the forsaken passion of Bengal intelligentsia.

What is the relevance at present time?

Russia gradually turned into an educational hub for the students who pursue their study in a foreign land. Naturally knowing the native language is always an advantage for any student going there for research or studies especially for a person who is planning to stay for long period of time. Thus, a Russian language course in Kolkata can offer this opportunity for students who are dreaming for studying in Russia and work thereafter.

Russian language is indispensable for the diplomats working in Russia. It is also a language that can attract the attention of the literature lovers by its own quiver of literary works. Russia is the country of Chekov, Tolstoy and Maxim Gorky; the stalwarts of world literature. The educated people of Kolkata are familiar with the names of these maestros and fosters an ambition to read their work in the language it was written. Russian language course in Kolkata can offer a platform of learning to them and help them to become a competent reader of the language.

There are two factors which work side by side behind the decision of language learning. One is the cultural factor and another is the pragmatic factor. Pragmatic factors deal with scope and the opportunity of the language that can offer support to the career of an individual. In case of Russian language the scope and opportunity too, are to be considered before taking up a course. The bilateral relationship between Russia and India is improving day by day. The need of a competent interpreter is also increasing. A credible user of the Russian language can be considered as the suitable person for the interpreter’s job. Another job opening is visible for the competent language user that is of a translator. Translation literature is quite popular in Bengal and so are Russian writers.  But most of the Russian literature gets translated from English and hence the authenticity of the literary content often gets disrupted out of this. This is the reason many publishers want to enjoy the competitive advantage of the authentic translation that does indicate the translation from Russian to vernacular Bengali language and this course is a gateway to nurture the competent translator for a new genre of translated work.

In conclusion, it can be said that learning Russian through the Russian language course in Kolkata is a great opportunity for an educated individual because this is the language that can open up an array of opportunities.  Language learning can open a different path of career to all the interested individuals who wants to stand out from the main stream.

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