Planning a Trip to Istanbul? Opt for a Turkish Language Course in Kolkata

March 29, 2021

Are you looking to pack your rucksack in the exotic destination of Istanbul? Are you fascinated b the art and culture of Turkey and want to witness its hidden gems? Well, Istanbul tops the list as one of the preferred destinations for getaways among travelers. The Topkapi palace museum, the blue mosque, Hagia Sophia are some of the alluring places to visit.

However one of the biggest hurdles that can come our way is communication. Not all people of the country can speak or understand the English language. You have to be prepared for the situation and learn some Turkish. Spending your effort and time in a Turkish Language Course in Kolkata is a smart move.

 Learn the Turkish language for exploring the real city of Istanbul

If you’re looking to travel through the length and breadth of the exotic city (which will surely be the case it boasts several picturesque locales) not knowing the local language can land you in a precarious situation. You will find it difficult to interact with the natives while asking for directions. On the other hand, the tourist guides will explain the various sightseeing locales in Turkish and it will be impossible for you to understand them. Hence, fluency in the language can make your trip unforgettable and you can throw in a few words and phrases to impress the people and get engaged in conversations with them.

Learn Turkish for dining & socializing

In Turkey, you’ll find plenty of plush restaurants and bars serving delectable Middle Eastern cuisines. While visiting them, you may not understand what the waiters say. As a result, when they come to your table for taking the order, you may not be able to convey what you want to say. Rather, we’ve pointed at the pictures of the food and place your order. Therefore, learning the Turkish language will help you to know more local delicacies and how they are prepared and served!! This will surely add to your adventure and fun on your trip!!

Learn Turkish for making new friends

It is needless to say that Istanbul is buzzing with warm, cordial, and hospitable people. They show great courtesy to the visitors. If you want to make new friends in the city, then saying a bit more than thank you will surely help.  You will land up making new friends, know more about them and be able to interact with them from India through emails and text messages. To get started, go for a Turkish Language Course in Kolkata. Boost your skills with lessons in grammar and vocabulary. The instructor-led lessons will help you become fluent in the language in no time.

Learn Turkish for emergency situations

Holidays and getaways promise unlimited excitement and pleasure and if it is in Turkey, the fun is even more. But sometimes, there can be some circumstances which can drive you panicky. Imagine you being new in the city and your luggage getting stolen or you or your friend or relative becoming sick on the way can invite trouble. In such circumstances, your ability to communicate in Turkish can be really beneficial. You can easily get help from the natives if you can speak in the local language and explain what has gone wrong.

Want to take lessons in Turkish grammar and vocabulary? At IITT Language Academy, we will offer you the best guidance and tips. We present a basic, diploma and an advanced diploma in the Turkish Language Course in Kolkata. Gain fluency with thorough classes from experts and acquire in-depth skills & knowledge with lectures, workshops, tips, interactive collaborative learning, topic notes, practical sessions, and much more. The extensive study materials will help you become proficient in the core areas of the language including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

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