Professional Benefits of Vietnamese Language: An In-depth Study

February 23, 2021

Apart from personal pleasure and traveling purposes, by learning the Vietnamese language you will gain a lot from it on a professional level.  Your proficiency in the language can be the deciding factor and make a huge difference between getting a job or not getting it in the end. If one of the competing candidates has the same academic qualification, skills, and work experience as you, the recruiter will have to decide between you and the other person on another criterion.

When they will come to know that you’re fluent in the language, they’ll not hesitate in giving you the job & you will end up getting the appointment letter. Expertise in the language can also prove to be beneficial & fruitful if you take the decision to start a business in Vietnam. Your command over the Vietnamese language will give you easy incorporation and will trigger a more steady motivation and negotiation through better communication with staff, customers, and service providers. Your language skills in Vietnam can also be utilized or put to the test if a foreign company selects you for a job and ask you to work in a dynamic multicultural business environment. It would even be a selection criterion to take advantage of possible promotion.

Whether you need a rigorous and interactive one-to-one Vietnamese language course or looking to enroll in- a corporate or business Vietnamese course because your job demands, taking classes in the Vietnamese language will fulfill your flawless & fluent communication needs. Whether you pick an online or regular Vietnamese language course, you’ll be able to attend instructor-led classes which will help you to reach your required level of expertise and fluency in Vietnamese.

The study material and format of your Vietnamese language course in Kolkata will depend on several factors such as your profession, expertise in Vietnamese, and your learning goals. You can choose from basic, elementary, intermediate, diploma, or advanced, and each of them covering the key areas. After completing the course successfully, you’ll be able to speak in the Vietnamese language with confidence, communicate with increased self-assurance when visiting Vietnam or when dealing with Vietnamese speakers, develop rapport and bolster client relationships with Vietnamese-speaking clients through a show of interest in the Vietnamese language and culture, Exhibit reputation and engage in international communication at both a personal and organizational level

Skills will be honed through quality study materials, topic notes, lectures, cooperative learning, assignments, projects, interactive activities, games, quizzes, solutions of model test papers, workshops, and others. The games and quizzes are incorporated into the courses to bring fun moments and keep stress and boredom at bay.

A basic Vietnamese language course in Kolkata is ideal for beginners who want to start from scratch and become familiar with different words, alphabets, and syntax rules. The diploma and other advanced programs are designed for students who want to work overseas or relocate to Vietnam or dig deep into the culture, customs and literature, and sp on.


The online & regular format both are available for you. For flexible learning, freedom of schedules, personalized learning experience, and cost-effective options, the online courses are the best for working professionals and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, the regular programs are curated for those who won’t attend intensive classroom training on a regular basis guided by experts with time not being their constraint.

Are you looking to explore exciting career avenues by learning the Vietnamese language? Do you want to achieve your target of attaining proficiency in the Vietnamese language within a few months? Opt for the Vietnamese language in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy. Whether you are working in MNC or looking to start your business in Vietnam, you can fulfill all your purposes and achieve your learning goals with the basic, diploma, and advanced diploma courses.

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