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February 12, 2021

Learning Russian language should be top of your priority and agenda if you’re looking to get the most from your working or traveling experience in Moscow. There are approximately 166 million Russian  speakers worldwide as a first or second language so it surely won’t be a bad investment if you’re looking to gain some fundamental knowledge in the language such as the alphabets, origin, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, morphology etc. It will certainly not be a waste of time picking up a few elementary words & getting engaged in a conversation.

Learning to communicate in Russian revolves around particular accents of the consonants and words. Staying focused & motivated will help you achieve your learning goals & acquire sound command over it. Let’s take a look at some of the options in-front of you which you can choose for learning the language & gaining expertise in it.

Online programs

There are plethora of online courses that are planned to aid you master Russian precisely and fluently. Enrolling in an online Russian language course in Kolkata offers plenty of advantages. Firstly, they’re more affordable than regular programs. It will provide you lessons in nouns, tenses, sentence constructions, pronouns, adjectives, vocabulary, cases, verbs, adverbs etc. They also present you with amazing tips and tricks for learning fast.

Teaching in an online program is an amalgamation of PDF content, digital tutorials, video & audio lectures, webinars & advanced lessons which will hone your skills as a beginner & become fluent while speaking.

Attending regular classes

If you’ve ample time & want to get exhaustive training on different aspects of the language the attending classes of a regular course is the best option. There are many reputed foreign language training institutes that present Russian language course in Kolkata. From basic to diploma to advanced diploma, there are different kinds of them. Each focuses on pronunciation, appropriate use of vocabulary in a sentence, general & exceptional syntax rules, practical classes on verbal communication.

Private tuitions

On the other hand, hiring private tutors on Russian language at the comfort of your home can help you get personalized learning experience & individual attention which will accelerate your learning process. It works best for those who’re not comfortable with regular classes or attending lectures virtually.


Whether you’re planning to study conversational Russian for a new job, or get prepared for a vacation to a Russian-speaking country like Ukraine or Latvia, books are always helpful resources. Pick up those books that will contribute to your self-study & help you gain proficiency in the core areas of the language including reading, speaking, writing, & listening. Keep a dictionary with you that translate Russian words & sentences to English which will help you learn faster & effectively.

 Forums & movies

Irrespective of the reason behind learning Russian language, it is vital to keep in mind & understand that you have various avenues of going about your learning.

Joining social media forums, watching movies in the Russian Language, reading Russian newspaper or magazine, or listening to Russian radio are effective ways of learning the language.

Factors to keep in mind

One method of learning may suit you better than others. It’s important that you choose a course that complements and  matches your style of learning or you’re comfortable with, how much money you can afford to spend and your daily schedule or routine.

One thing you must remember that whichever option you select for learning Russian language, you must integrate fun & interesting elements such as word games, quizzes and downloadable MP3 music tracks. It will make your learning a tough language like Russian easier & speed up your learning process for best outcomes.

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