Rules of Grammar a Beginner has to Know While Learning Russian

April 18, 2019

Grammar is the base of any language in the world and to speak, write or read it correctly, one needs to learn the rules. We will be talking about the grammatical aspects of Russian. To learn Russian language in Kolkata it is necessary that you give your full attention to grammar.

Based on Slavic,  the language dates back to the Middle Ages. There are only 20 consonants in the language and they make 37 different sounds. There are other rules of grammar that you have to master for which you need to take up a Russian language course in Kolkata. Some of them are:

  • In Russian, there are three genders. They are masculine, feminine and neuter.
  • There are no articles that are used with nouns. For instance, you cannot say ‘the’ boy. You will have to say just boy.
  • The nouns are both singular and plural.
  • The adjectives in Russian must agree with the nouns whether the noun is singular or plural in terms of gender.
  • According to the person, tense and mood, the verbs conjugate.

If you take up any of the foreign language courses in Kolkata you will learn grammar extensively so that you can grasp the language well. The grammar fundamentals begin with the three verb tenses viz. past, present, and future. The pronunciation of the Russian words is important and hence you have to give stress on each letter of a word. In the beginning, you do not have to worry about the sound of vowels since there are no long or short vowels in Russian. The stress can be on any part of the word and there are no diphthongs such as ‘th’ or ‘sh’ like English.

While taking up a Russian language course in Kolkata you will learn to differentiate between the genders. In Russian, you do not possess any definite article as we have mentioned already. Just remember the fact that if a word is a consonant, the word is masculine.  If it ends with “a”, it is feminine. If it ends with “o” or “e”, it is neuter. Lastly, if it is a soft sign “b”, it could be either feminine or masculine. Keep in mind, however, that there are exceptions to this rule, especially in the case of feminine nouns. However, when you learn the nouns and their gender from this course, you will also learn the endings of the nouns which are exceptions to the above-mentioned rule.

In beginner Russian grammar lessons, you will also learn the tenses of the verbs to be used in different situations. While speaking or describing a situation you would use the tense of the verb. On the other hand, if you are speaking about an event that occurred in the past and you are describing the result, you would have to use the perfective aspect of the past tense.

Now let us give you an overview of the Russian grammar that is taught by institutes providing different foreign language courses in Kolkata.


The nominal declension comprises of six cases viz. genitive, accusative, dative, nominative, prepositional and instrumental. There are also around ten additional cases. Of them, the most used are partitive, locative, vocative, and caritive.


An adjective in Russian is placed before the qualification of a noun. It agrees with the noun in case, number or gender. The adjectives can be divided into three groups. They are qualitative, relational and possessive.


There are many pronouns in Russian and it takes some practice to learn all of them. Pronouns are used so that you do not have to repeat the nouns at all times. Russian pronouns generally decline according to their case or according to certain patterns.

To know more about the grammar you need to learn Russian language in Kolkata from a reputed foreign language institute that will help you to get the necessary language skills for today.

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