Russian Language Learning: App Based Vs Classroom Training

June 28, 2019

The Russian, as a Slavic language is mostly spoken across Europe with its roots in Sanskrit, Latin, and Greek. It was the official language of the former Soviet Union and is still the official language of countries viz. Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Russian is a language that can be easily learnt with the right training and by taking up a Russian language course in Kolkata. Today, many language learning apps have also come up which are helping people to learn the language in easy ways. Here we will be doing a comparative analysis of the two types of training.

Use of Apps

The use of apps is mostly perceived as an informal learning activity – and about two-thirds of people use apps to learn Russian or any other language whenever they have some free time as opposed to the other third that tends to use it in a planned session format. However, the one-third is seen to be opting for classroom training as they can directly communicate and learn from tutors who will help them when they are stuck on to something while learning or as students when they have questions related to the language.

The second point in this area is the issue of getting feedback on the learning apps. In most of the cases, feedbacks are restricted to whether the answer you provide is correct or not. While this can be held as helpful, this is not the sort of feedback language teachers and researchers advocate, as it does not provide an explanation of why an answer is right or wrong. On the other hand in a Russian language course in Kolkata, you will get regular feedback from your trainers in the classroom.

In research, it has been seen that more than 90% of respondents stated that apps had met or exceeded their expectations and around 80% from this section opines apps are very good or good. However, when it comes to language learning in the classroom, the same number of people has shown positive interest as they are able to solve their queries then and there from the tutors.

Mistakes and Correction

Mistakes are a part of the language learning process and the detection, prevention and correction process is different for both the app based learning and classroom mode.

Research shows that language learning apps to a certain extent provide many tips for learners to improve and make fewer mistakes. On the other hand, in the classroom, a learner will be able to understand the reason for which she or he is making the mistakes and it all comes down to the concepts which a tutor in a classroom can teach with greater efficiency.

Apps, however, provide a non-threatening environment where errors are only known to the learner and they can progress without facing performance anxiety when asked to speak a foreign language, contrary to the classroom. But, when it comes to speaking or taking language proficiency tests where a strong understanding of grammar and vocabulary is required, learning from a tutor is the best solution and for this taking up a Russian language course in Kolkata is recommended.


If you are interested in learning the Russian language for travel purposes, or just for hobby, you can use an application as these apps give more emphasis on the basics of the language and you can learn it without facing time constraints and at your own pace. Whereas, if you want to take up a career in the language or pursue higher studies and pass the language proficiency tests as mentioned above, you definitely need to take up classroom training. Today, there are many institutes where you can take up the Russian language course in Kolkata. Along with the courses you can use the apps as well to enrich your learning and get a good grasp on the language.

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