Some Facts on Arabic Language for Beginners worth Knowing

March 22, 2019

Arabic is one of the most commonly spoken languages in Asia and the world. As the 5th most common language in the world, it is spoken by around 250 million people worldwide. Classical Arabic is used in Quran the holy book of Muslims around the world. If you learn Arabic language you will get to knowa lot of things about the history and culture of the Middle East. In the following lines, we will discuss the language itself.

The Root of the Language

For those interested in learning the Arabic language, you need to know that Arabic belongs to the family of Semitic languages which include Hebrew and Aramaic. Arabic is the most commonly spoken Semitic language.It is also the official language of the Middle Eastern countries as well as some North African countries. As one of the oldest spoken languages, it carries a great history and civilization behind.

Versions of the Arabic Language

There are two versions of the Arabic language. They are Classical Arabic and Modern Arabic. The former is not only the official language but also taught at most institutions. If you wish to take up an Arabic language course in Kolkata, you will mostly be learning the classical one. This is also used in formal situations. It can be found in books, newspapers and academic researches as well as study books or materials. Classical Arabic is mostly used in written context whereas Modern Arabic is used in the daily spoken contexts.

Alphabets in Arabic

Arabic alphabet comprises of 28 letters. In every course of learning Arabic for beginners,you will be taught howto write the language. In fact, it is the first step to learning any foreign languages. If you like to learn the language, you need to know how it is written.

Arabic is mainly written from right to left and in a cursive way. To write Arabic properly you need to pay attention to the dots as these will be used to differentiate a letter from another. If, for instance, you use a single dot compared to a double by mistake,it can make a certain word mean completely different than what it actually is.

Grammar in the Arabic language

Since Arabic is a Semitic language, its grammar is similar to other Semitic languages. For classical Arabic, we can differentiate the grammar into the five following parts. You will learn these in details from an Arabic language course in Kolkata.

  • Morphology: It deals with words and their
  • Syntax: This deals with inflection but it is now lost in spoken Arabic. When you learn to speak Arabic academically, you will learn these in details.
  • Lexicon: You will find the meaning of words here. Basically, it is an Arabic dictionary.
  • Rhetoric: To construct quality sentences you need to use rhetoric.
  • Derivation: You will study the origin of words through derivation.

Literature in Arabic

To learn Arabic language you will need to study literature as well. In Arabic literature, the oldest form is poetry. The history of Arabic literature is 1600 years. It began in the Arabian Peninsula. If you decide to learn this language, you will need to deal with the Arabic literature in a way or another. Learning the literature is very important if you want to learn the language and grammar.

Most parts of Arabic retains its classical form. Though Modern Arabic is also present it is widely discarded from speech as it is regarded as a combination of different dialects. Thus, when taking a course that says learning Arabic for beginners, you can well expect it to be the purest form of the tongue. However, before taking the course as your instructors about the syllabus i.e. what you will learn.

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