Take a Look at These Quick Facts on the Portuguese Language

March 4, 2019

Portuguese is spoken by around 200 million people in Portugal,Brazil, The Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde Sao Tome, and other countries. As the third most spoken language of Europe, and the eight most spoken language of the world, this language is gaining popularity worldwide. As there are some similarities between Portuguese and Spanish there is a notion that Portuguese is a dialect of Spanish. This notion is actually incorrect! Portuguese evolved from spoken Latin and many words were adopted later on. To know about the evolution of the language, you have to learn Portuguese from an institute.

Nations That Speak Portuguese

Though English is spoken widely in Porto, Lisbon, and the Algarve, learning a few words in Portuguese enhances a visit to Portugal. Being the official language of eight nations and one of the most spoken modern languages after English, it is also called “The language of Camões,Just like Romance languages like French, Catalan, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, and Galician, Portugal is also a romance language.

As Part of the Rising Economy

Learning Portuguese will give you a fantastic return on investment.There are thousands of visitors to Portugal every year and thus,the economy of the country is on the rise. The economic prospects of the country are bright. It has a diversified Industry from textiles and electronics to automobiles, cement, food,and architecture. Therefore, to develop your career, you need to learn the language by taking up a Portuguese language course.

Aspects of the Language

Portuguese is an easy to learn language for speakers who are English. You can easily understand over 80 percent of what is spoken by knowing a little about the language. Since it is easy to pick up, you can learn hundreds of words without much effort.The good parts are that you don’t need a new alphabet or new grammar as the learning curve is gentle. If you hear a few conversations in Portuguese, you will understand.

Portuguese is spoken in countries where English is not widely used.This will help in getting lots of opportunities in countries where Portuguese is spoken. If you learn Portuguese, you will increase your ability to speak other languages and you will be able to make some friends who stay in Portugal or whose language is Portuguese. You will also be able to explore the Portuguese people and the rich culture.

A Brief History of the Language

As a very old language, Portuguese dates back to the 12th century. Portuguese is a poly centric language which includes two main groups of dialects, one from Brazil and the other from the Old World and it is a very rich language in terms of dialects.It has been influenced by many other languages and dialects as part of its historical evolution.You can find these differences between dialects if you listen to the accent and vocabulary.However, you will find some grammatical differences as well in the colloquial forms of Brazilian dialects. This cause of this difference has roots to the fact that Brazil gained independence from the Portuguese in 1822. The Portuguese rule influenced the different dialects and other languages, viz. Spanish and English.

As there was Christian invasion,the dialects of the northern parts of Spain gradually blended with the southern Mozarabic tongue, producing a language that is different from the Galician-Portuguese.

Modern Portuguese

If you take up the Portuguese language course, you will get to see that it is based on the Latin alphabets and it has 23 letters.Of these 3 are foreign ones. Portuguese when written resembles Spanish but the spelling of some words are determined by Latin.This makes it difficult to determine the pronunciation as there are multiple ways to write the sound values.Through the course, you will learn the pronunciation and you eventually the confidence to read aloud and communicate freely.

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