The journey across the heritage horizon by learning Italian

January 8, 2019

Language learning can be an area of special interest for many inquisitive minds. At the same time, it can be a profession for the fortunate few. An Italian Language Course in Kolkata can be a great opening for the language enthusiastic who imagine following their passion before choosing career.

Why Italian?

Why not? Italian is one of the most important languages of the European continent. It is not only the popularity but the historic and cultural background of this language that can attract the attention of many culture curious individuals. As many of us know that Italy is the birthplace of European renaissance. This is the land of great scientific minds from Galileo Galilei, to Enrico Fermi. It is the land of the greatest versatile genius ever born Leonardo da Vinci. It is the land where Michelangelo crafted the statue of David, Dante Alighieri wrote Inferno. This is the country of great poets such as Eugenio Montale, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Dino Campana and many others. This is the place where ‘neo-realism’ of cinema took birth. The essence of neo-realism bestowed its conjuring influence behind the blossoming of another giant of world cinema, Satyajit Ray in India and some excellent director such as Martin Charles Scorsese and legendary producer David O. Selznick in Hollywood. Italy is the place of music. If you are really curious regarding Mozart’s creation you must notice that despite being Austrian this genius has composed all of his great operas in the Italian language. Italy is the land of Giuseppe Verdi, probably that is the reason Italy is the land of opera. Florence is the Italian city where the cultural group Florentine Camerata invented various forms of opera. Most of the classical music lovers must know that Italy is the birthplace of Arturo Toscanini. Voice of Pavarotti, conduction of Ricardo Mutti continues to reign in the hearts of millions of music lovers in all over the world. An Italian Language Course in Kolkata is the homage to the country of great culture.

How to learn Italian?

One may try to learn the Italian language in different ways. One of them is the internet. This media of learning language can offer different privileges to the learner. One of them is convenience. One can access different digital material of language learning from the internet at the time of convenience. One can have his language learning session in the closet of her study or bedroom. But one of the major problems of net learning is lack of interactive connection with the faculty member. Learning through Skype can offer limited interactivity but it couldn’t replace the learning atmosphere of a class room.

Staying in that country is another effective way to learn. Very recent internationally noted author Jhumpa Lahiri has published the memoirs of her journey to the Italian language in a book form named ‘In another word’. According to her perspective, the experience of the first visit to Florence inspired her to learn the language and gradually she fell in love of that.

Classroom coaching is another way of language learning. The credible platform such as Italian Language Course in Kolkata has open the door of classroom coaching in this regard. One of the major advantages of classroom coaching is, this mode of coaching does offer the option of personal interaction with the faculty member. If the faculty member is a vernacular speaker of the language the student can get the advantage to learn the vernacular accent of the language. The vernacular accent is not that easy for the foreign student. But imitation is another way of language learning. A student can improve his accent by imitating the teacher.

In conclusion, it can be said that Italian Language Course in Kolkata can help to improve the scope of employment by offering a platform to learn Italian. This skill is highly recognized in different industries. Knowledge of the language such as Italian can help a student to find a job in hospitality and the tourism industry. He can develop his career as an interpreter in the public or private sector too.                   

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