These tricks can be mastered if you’re in the Japanese language course in Kolkata

August 30, 2019

The preliminaries

Learning Japanese language is not so easy! Well, I do not believe in that. It is definitely one of the easiest languages. Yes, you have heard it right. The most easy language, if and only if it is learn properly. Now see, if someone says that baking a cake is very much difficult, then definitely it does not mean that baking a cake for two is really a nut-job. That also does not mean the person is lying. It only means the baking is difficult to him, because he is unaware of a
specific scientific process that will make the process easier. Similarly, learning Japanese also has a specific mode, a way. And that this way of learning if followed, it will be much easier for anyone to learn Japanese.

Hiragana, the origami of Japanese language

Firstly, we will try to define the usual mode of understanding the methodology. In the first shot, it is advised to learn about Hiragana. What is that?

Hiragana is a writing and recognition process that helps a leaner to learn Japanese without all difficulties. There are four systems of writing Japanese, and the elementary level is Hiragana. The other systems are Kakatana, Kanji and Romaji. These are the specific steps that the learner should complete before attempting learning Japanese properly. Just like an archer cannot aim and shoot with a distracted mind, similarly, you cannot learn Japanese with a wobbly foundation. This initial structure can be amended and reformed by taking up the Japanese language course in Kolkata.

A way towards simplicity

The reason why most people hate to learn Japanese, is because even learning Hiragana has the odd benefits of covering up the complex Japanese characters. One character is zu, which is written with the combination of another two characters.

Now, this is a bit troublesome right? Good news dear reader, Hiragana has just made the process simpler for you! It segregates many different sections that has a unique writing and pronunciation techniques. Taking up a course in the Japanese language course in Kolkata can improve your Japanese vocabulary. Hiragana is still considered in many parts of Japan as the most ancient language, having a truly powerful impact over the learning of Japanese language. Hiragana is also a complement to the Kanji, where due to the absence of some proper alphabets of Kanji, Hiragana is used interchangeably.

Also, the Hiragana is such extensively used that it appears as special characters in Kanji, and that special title is called Furigana. Various forms of speech and different other nouns are used in Hiragana, in fact only this special form has defined their fields of applications. Hiragana system will be clear to you by taking up the Japanese language course in Kolkata.

Make your Japanese better now

Are you getting confused between Hiragana and Katakana? Time to clear junks of your head! Both are Japanese writing systems, and have separate unique Japanese characters. One precedes the other, and these special systems are responsible for defining the core of learning Japanese. Moreover, the alphabetical style and other appearance pattern is very different in the two systems. The main confusion that arises is that both of them have same accents. The great thing about learning Japanese is that there are no such confusion in understanding and practicing the accents, as unlike English the pronunciation rules do not vary in such a great degree.

You can also learn various mnemonics to remember the two systems that makes the whole thing so much easier. Like in Japanese the letter Re is written as n, the lower font of English language. The word He is written as a small hill or the most pronounced word Kai is written as a hook. These exclusive techniques will be taught to you in the Japanese language course in Kolkata.

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