Tips To Get Over Your Anxiety in Speaking In French

April 25, 2019

Are you a beginner in French who is scared of speaking the language, or even trying to speak? You are not alone and there are plenty of learners in the intermediate levels also who feel the same. There are plenty of ways to get over this problem. Today, most of the French courses in Kolkata give emphasis on pronunciations along with verbs and phrases, but there are other things as well which you have to consider. Let us see what they are.

  1. Do Not Try To Be Witty Or Use Complicated Ideas

It sounds really impressive when as a beginner or an intermediate student you use humor in your sentences. Expressing complicated ideas is another factor which might impress French people. Though these are some exciting ways of connecting with people, it can put you in troublesome situations as well if you are not confident enough on how to use them, or if you forget the phrases or words.

The solution to this problem is to simplify your sentences as much as you can. If you are thinking to use wit and humor, start with some basic phrases or words that you can remember. For this, taking up a French language course in Kolkata is utmost necessary.

  1. Practice Words and Sentences You Are Going To Use Most

In the beginner phase, it is natural that you will not have a good stock of words or vocabulary in French and you are going to use lesser words than the advanced students or those who are experts in the language. You might be scared to speak in French due to the fact that you still have not mastered the basics. By basics, we mean everything included in grammar such as nouns, verbs, prepositions, etc. In addition to these, you have to memorize the common words and sentences as much as possible for which, practice is necessary. Joining a French training institute will definitely help you in this process. Once you get a grasp on these sentences and words, your fear of speaking in French will slowly disappear.

  1. Try To Use Words that are Easy

It is a natural fact that words which are difficult can take you longer to learn and can be hard to remember. Quite naturally if the language gets too hard, you will hesitate to speak the language. For beginners and advanced, the best practice is to find out the synonyms of the words that you feel are difficult to remember. However, the words that you select has to be meaningful and must be to the context. To learn more about the synonyms you will have to join in a French language course in Kolkata where you will be guided by your teacher on this topic.

  1. Try To Control Your Nerves When Speaking

Your anxiety typically increases when you make mistakes while speaking. Moreover, you start to stutter and your voice sounds shaky. The only solution to this is to control your nerves. You need to breathe and calm down so that you can focus on constructing your sentences and recalling what you have learned.

  1. Have a Positive Attitude Towards the Language and Communication

Change your viewpoint on the language. It is only a language, a medium of expression just like your native language in which you speak. To be able to communicate freely without fear you need to have a positive outlook on the language. If you make a lot of mistakes don’t feel down. Request your friends and tutors to correct you then and there. Most importantly, learn from your mistakes. Thankfully, many of the French courses in Kolkata provide motivational classes apart from conventional teaching to train the students effectively.

We will conclude by saying that there is no reason to fear the language or in speaking in the language. Just go ahead and speak it freely without the fear of making mistakes because mistakes are a part of the learning process. At the same time, do join a French training institute which will help you to learn and drive your anxiety away. Lastly, if you keep on practicing, you will improve quickly.

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