Tips To Memorize Russian Alphabets for Beginners in the Language

April 30, 2019

Russian alphabet can be scary for many beginners. Students, however, do not realize that the difficulty of the language is the same as that of any other language in the world. Learning Russian has a couple of advantages too that is the speakers can easily learn Latin as Latin characters encapsulate Russian alphabets everywhere. Moreover, due to the recent emergence of many foreign language institutes, you can easily learn Russian language in Kolkata.

According to some students Cyrillic, the name of the Russian script, makes learning Russian a bit difficult. However, in the beginner stages, it is absolutely normal. Cyrillic is not that hard to learn and with proper teaching and practice it will not take a long time to grasp the script. Here we will discuss some of the ways with which you can learn Russian easily.

Breaking the Script Down

Breaking down the characters help in understanding the words better. You can break the alphabets down to a few groups according to their English counterparts. For example, (A, E, K, M, O, T), look like English letters, but represent different sounds (В, Д, С, Н, Р, У, Х). On the other hand, there are letters that look different but represent familiar sounds. In fact, there are also groups of letters that look and sound completely strange to English speakers.

This is a good technique for starters and is being taught in any Russian language course in Kolkata. Now, this will not help you to memorize the letters, but it will help you to get familiar with the Russian alphabets. Additionally learning the letters in groups is better than trying to memorize them all at once.

Memorizing Games

These games help in learning, as well as memorizing the alphabets and characters. However, there are certain words that need no translations. These words are perfect for learning a new alphabet. For instance

  • Global brand names for example ‘Coca-Cola’, the pronunciation for which is the same worldwide but the written script is different.
  • The same goes for the names of internationally recognized people or celebrities such as writers, scientists, artists, etc.
  • Names of places such as ‘Moscow’

After learning the Russian alphabets and memorizing the Russian letters for the names, you should play the memorizing game where you will need to figure out the name by seeing the Russian alphabets only. Many foreign language courses in Kolkata use this memorizing game to teach the alphabets to their students effectively.

Replacing the Letters

Replacing the English letters with Russian in a word step by step is a great way to learn the alphabets quickly. It also helps one to memorize the alphabets without studying too hard. For instance, з in Russian is pronounced as ‘z’ in English like ‘eaзy’ or ‘зoo’. You will get accustomed to identifying the characters soon and as you can see this method comes in handy when learning the language.

If you are planning to learn Russian language in Kolkata, you might come across this method as many institutes have taken this up as a way of teaching the alphabets to their students and helping them to memorize all of these efficiently.

Practicing Handwriting

Any Russian language course in Kolkata that you take will make you practice handwriting. The reason behind this is, studies have shown that writing alphabets by your hand with a pen in a paper activates a certain part of the brain which helps in memorizing the alphabets with efficiency. Research by Soviet psychologist and developmental neuropsychologist Alexander Luria has shown that when we write, a volumetric image of the letter is being created in our brain i.e. the letter gets stored in the brain.

These are a couple of ways with which you can memorize the Russian alphabets and as mentioned above, most of the foreign language courses in Kolkata use these techniques that we have mentioned. However, there are certainly other useful techniques too designed, especially for beginners. To learn them you will need to take up the course.

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