Top 5 Astounding Career Options To Choose After Completing French Language Course In Kolkata

September 23, 2020

How studying a foreign language like French can help you to make career advancements? How learning French language can open up exciting new avenues of employment?  Well, for career aspirants nothing is bigger than building a brilliant career and staying ahead of others.

In the recent years the popularity of foreign language courses is on a surge. Thanks to globalization and India’s improved bilateral ties with various foreign countries.  Students all over India are opting for foreign language programs not only to master the language but also giving a boost to their career with better job opportunities and remuneration packages. A French language course in Kolkata is one such course that provides plethora of employment opportunities. Spoken by more than 270 million throughout the world, it is the only language apart from English to be spoken on all five continents. Let’s take a look at top 5 career options after learning French.

Jobs in MNC

Many renowned French companies are establishing their regional offices in India and other parts of the world which means there are plenty of jobs up for grabs if you’ve the ability to speak French fluently. You’ll also find a wide range of language jobs in MNC, BPO, and KPO that use French as their communication and business language. They look to hire competent individuals with great command over the language.

Work as foreign diplomat or embassy

One of the prestigious jobs to consider after completing a French language course in Kolkata is working as a foreign diplomat. With more than 25 countries worldwide speaking French, it is one of the most widely spoken native languages in the world. A foreign diplomat or embassy has jobs to perform that are administrative in nature and requires strong communication skills.

The chief functions of a foreign embassy includes negotiating treaties and agreements with international representatives, engage in dialogues between nations pertinent to matters of security, trade, economy, terrorism, health and others intricate things.

Find jobs as a tourist guide

Nothing is more exciting and adventurous than working as a tourist guide. The job requires proficiency in foreign Language like French to thrive. The competency in French language is an essential criteria for successful communication in the travel and tourism industry. It’s not only about speaking the language fluently, but also getting the right accent and discarding the influence of native language while speaking.

It is a lucrative job since millions of people hailing from France visit India every year for holidaying and retreating. Since it is completely an outdoor job, you need to be adventurous and not afraid of traveling.

Become a teacher

Working as a French language trainer or teacher at different Indian and foreign schools and colleges is fantastic way to boost your career. To excel, you need to have flair for teaching.

On the other hand, the demand of corporate trainers is always rising. Indian and International companies look to recruit competent French corporate trainers who can teach the candidates for different certificate and diploma programs or an on-site opportunity or for dealing with the French clients. Hence, French is a sough-after language and learning it will open up various job prospects.

Unprecedented job opportunities in import export business

In an export-import business, you can discover a myriad of job options as a language specialist in French. You just need to capitalize on the booming job scenario with fluent speaking, impeccable writing skills, proper usage of grammar and stock of new French words and phrases.

Which of the above-mentioned jobs you’re going to choose after undertaking French language course in Kolkata? Share us your comments & feedback and we’ll be happy to get them.


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