Top 5 Career Prospects To Consider After Pursuing German Language Course In Kolkata

September 17, 2020

After completing graduation most of us think about undertaking technical field of learning such as engineering. But there are creative people who have the innate knack of speaking and writing well. They are endowed with superb communication skills. If you’re one of them then besides English, you can undertake a foreign language course. It will open up new career avenues and opportunities.

If you’ve decided to undertake German language course in Kolkata, then you’re taking your career on the right track. The language has great scope when it comes to career options and can make you well-settled in life. You can undertake open, distance, or online mode of study as per your convenience.

In a country like India, someone who has excellent command over both German and English will have lucrative  employment prospects. So gear up for a dazzling career in India and overseas after learning it.


The demand for proficient trainers of German language is on a rise. After successfully completing your German classes, you can become a professional  German language expert . After that, you can take up teaching at major colleges, universities, and institutes looking for experts in German language. However, you should take up this profession only if you’ve flair for teaching.

A German language  course in  Kolkata is also ideal for you if you want to master its vocabulary, syntax grammar and pronunciation to work as a faculty at leading schools, colleges and institutes or become a lecturer online. The demand and esteem for foreign language trainers are always on a surge and you can get plenty of employment opportunities advertised in newspapers, electronic media, and websites.


Not everyone is interested in playing a teaching role and we understand that. For them, there is a job of a translator. It is an attractive and sought-after employment opportunity for career aspirants in foreign language. Some Indian government organizations, MN Cs, and NGOs  require expert translators who can  efficiently convert a source language into a lucid and accurate target language. After completing the German Language Course in Kolkata, you’ll feel motivated for this job and take your career to the next level.

Travel & tourism industry

The travel and tourism industry in India is booming and contributes to 688 percent to the total GDP. The industry continues to thrive and looking for German experts who’ve completed the program at beginning, elementary, intermediate of advanced level

You can choose to work as a tour guide to the foreign tourists who hail from Germany or other German speaking countries and come to India for vacation.

Aeroflight sector

The aeroflight sector is robust and exciting and encompasses international aviation. It means business by showing hospitality of the highest order. It constantly looks for proficient candidates for the posts of aviation and cabin crews and give priority to those who can speak German language fluently and have excellent conversation skills.

However to be eligible for jobs in the aeroflight industry, you should  become a certified with a German language course in Kolkata. The scope of the aeroflight sector is unlimited and if you are fond of adventurous career and lifestyle, then it is befitting.

Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry opens new career avenues as guest or public relations executive in hotels,  travel companies, event management companies and others. Here you can get jobs with higher remuneration and attractive pay packages.

Germans are world leaders in engineering but the language of the country is also worth knowing for. Boost your career with a German language course in Kolkata at IITT. Master the origin, syntax, vocabulary, and pronunciation of the language now.

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