Top 5 Foreign Languages Best for Your Career across the Globe

April 23, 2019

Learning a foreign language, or a set of foreign languages will definitely help you to start a fulfilling career. Moreover, it can set your career on track if you can master it. Currently, a lot of institutes are providing foreign language courses in Kolkata and hence, if you are really passionate about your career which will be challenging, yet rewarding, you should start learning it today.

There are many foreign languages that will not only help you in starting a career but also in achieving growth. So let us talk a bit about these languages. We will be especially focusing on the top 5 that are on our list.

Some Information on the Highly Demanded Languages

Chinese / Mandarin language

Chinese or Mandarin is considered as one of the important languages that are used in business, academia, and research. It has become more popular nowadays due to its dominating presence in the global business landscape. Approximately more than a billion people speak Chinese, of which the majority speak Mandarin. If you wish to learn the language, take up a Chinese language course in Kolkata provided by a teachers training institute.

French language

Around 230 million people speak the French language. Taking up the French language course in Kolkata will enable you to get admitted at French universities and business schools. You will also become eligible for various types of jobs in France and in getting government grants for or while registering to postgraduate courses.

Spanish Language

Spanish is being spoken in around 21 countries by around 500 million speakers across the world. At present, there are a lot of Spanish companies doing businesses worldwide. Moreover, by learning the language from a Spanish language course in Kolkata enables one to travel to the countries where it is spoken as a first language. You will be able to learn more about the diverse cultures of the countries where Spanish is spoken.

German Language

German is spoken by around 90 to 100 million native speakers and is the third most popular foreign languages taught worldwide. After English, It is also the second most popular in Europe and Japan. The language is easy to learn because it shares a lot of similarities with English. Learning the language will also enable you to get outstanding job opportunities all over the European continent. Since the language is easy, you can learn it quickly by taking up a German language course in Kolkata if you wish to travel to Germany.

Portuguese Language

Portuguese is spoken by more than 220 million people worldwide. It is also the sixth most widely spoken language in the world and is the official language of eight countries. At present, the demand for Portuguese language experts is growing phenomenally. Apart from Portugal, the language is also spoken in Brazil, the largest economy of Latin America. The language is easy to learn and the job prospects are also very high. For this reason, you can learn it by joining a Portuguese language course in Kolkata provided by a foreign language institute.

Candidates who are proficient in foreign languages are always in demand and for this reason, plenty of institutes are providing foreign language courses in Kolkata. We will now discuss the advantages / career benefits of learning each of these languages.

Advantages of Learning the Top 5 Languages

  1. Learning French by taking up the French language course in Kolkata will help you to get jobs as interpreters and translators in both, business as well as academia. Moreover, you will be able to communicate with the French people while visiting France.
  2. The global Chinese economy has grown substantially and is still growing. Therefore, you will have no problems in getting a job at the manufacturing or IT sector if you can master the language by taking up a Chinese language course in Kolkata. In academics also, being proficient at Chinese is a must.
  3. Apart from starting your career at private organizations as translators or interpreters, learning the language will help you to read and experience Spanish literature and art and this will be possible by taking up a Spanish language course in Kolkata. If you love to travel or want a job in the tourism sector, Spanish has to be your choice.
  4. If you want a career in technology or want to pursue research in technology / engineering or related fields, German is the language you must learn. For this, joining up a German language course in Kolkata would be the ideal choice for you.
  5. Recently, Portuguese has come to the highlight as many multinational companies are seeking candidates who know the language. If you are eligible to apply for a Portuguese company, taking up a Portuguese language course in Kolkata will help you to learn the language wholeheartedly.

These are some of the few advantages that we have mentioned. Clearly, as you can already understand that learning any of these languages will help you in getting an international exposure in terms of the job market and you must begin learning today and develop the core skills required to start a career.

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