Top Reasons For Undertaking Russian Language Course In Kolkata At A Reputed Institute

September 19, 2020

Are you looking to master Russian language and open up new avenues of employment? Do you want to learn Russian for getting a feel of the literature, culture, and society of the country? Well, if your answer is yes, then it is a shrewd decision. Russian is the seventh-most widely spoken language in the globe and the eighth-most spoken language in the world by total number of speakers. The language is officially declared as the one of the sixth languages of the United Nations. In the world of internet, Russian language is highly sought-after and only comes second to English in terms of popularity and number of people speaking it worldwide. In the political scenario, bilateral relations between India and Russia have improved. The close liaison of friendship, cooperation, mutual trust, and understanding has resulted in global economic collaboration.

A Russian language course in Kolkata will help you master it with tips, tricks, suggestions, study materials, and practical classes. To gain proficiency in it, the course will put you one step ahead by beginning with simple things. When you enroll in a reputed institute, expert trainers will hone your skills. You will get access to face to face interactive classes and workshops.

Benefits of learning Russian language

  • By learning the language you will be able to learn about the rich Russian literature and intriguing culture. You’ll be able to understand and get the feel of short stories, novels, poems and other literary masterpieces of eminent authors and poets. Since Russian literature is famous worldwide, it is always great reading them.


  • Russia has become a top global destination for studying medicine. The Russian academic sector is technically advanced, and hence it is ideal to study scientific subjects like Physics, chemistry, biology, and more. Many reputed Russian universities offer scholarships to meritorious students hailing from other countries. If you’re looking to study at foreign colleges and universities located in Russia, then a Russian language course in Kolkata will be ideal for you. From grammar to vocabulary to construction of sentences, you’ll become adept in speaking, writing, reading, and listening.


  • After pursing the course successfully, you will be able to communicate fluently with people when you visit the exotic and mesmerizing country for a vacation or job. Since the country has so much to offer to the tourists communication is a key for them. The course will help you stand in good stead and master all the techniques of speaking it fluently despite not being a natural speaker.


  • By learning Russian you will be able to get job opportunities throughout the world. Even in the corporate world the language has high demand and throws in multitude of employment opportunities.  The country has come a long way since being disintegrated from the Soviet Union in 1990 and has now become a global economic force to reckon with.


From becoming a tour guide in the lucrative tourism industry to becoming a translator or even a trainer, the jobs are just unlimited.


Choose from different Russian language learning courses and become a certified

Studying a foreign language is such a happiness. To become a certified in Russian language, you can opt for courses at beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced level. The beginner’s level Russian language course in Kolkata will teach you the fundamental elements of the language. It will help you start from scratch and learn from the grassroots level. The elementary level course is designed to be little more comprehensive. While programs on intermediate and advanced level are in-depth and covers extensive topics on Russian grammar, vocabulary, and sentence construction.

IITT Language Academy offers Russian language course in Kolkata which will help you have a perfect command over the language. With its latest learning modules and expert trainers, mastering the foreign language will no more be difficult.

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