Traditional vs Online Russian Language Course In Kolkata: Which Is Better?

September 21, 2020

You have finally decided to study Russian language at a leading foreign language academy. But institute and academies offer traditional, online, open, and distance learning courses to students all over the world. They give them the freedom to choose any training mode as per their convenience. But very often students get confused over traditional and online courses about which one is better for mastering a foreign language like Russian.

A lot of debate has taken place regarding traditional and online Russian language course in Kolkata. While some learners speak in favor of classroom training which has been popular since time immemorial. There are others who don’t want to attend regular classrooms and prefer online mode of learning because of its flexibility and 24*7 access to study materials and online support.

Which mode of learning is better for students of foreign language?

A traditional teaching model involves classes being imparted in a classroom. Here students get access to long lectures from faculties, practical lessons on diction, accent, grammar, and vocabulary. The students take notes and memorize new words and lessons learnt through the classes.

On the other hand, online learning revolves around active interaction between a trainer and trainee. It encourages learners to participate in classroom activities and peer to peer collaboration. In this modern era where everything is going virtual, many professional and vocational courses are available online and capitalizing on the digital world. To do well in online programs, students need to have fundamental computer knowledge. They get the opportunity to use document creation programs, undertake website-based research and utilize e-learning resources to refine their skills.

 Is an online course as effective as the traditional classroom course?

Researchers opine that an online Russian language course in Kolkata can be as effective as a conventional classroom program. It is because learners can access and download study materials on latest curriculum, use various websites, podcasts, apps and e-books to enhance their knowledge. Whereas in classroom studies, students rely mainly on text books and faculty notes.

Studies reveal that some learners are able to focus better in online classes due to lack of classroom activities, interference from others and politics. They feel they thrive better in a self-paced learning program which gives them the freedom and flexibility to innovative new things by using technology-based tools & resources.

Online courses are best for mastering Russian language and its core areas

While undertaking a Russian language course in Kolkata for increasing your qualifications, linguistic skills, and job opportunities, you can opt for online mode of learning.

It will facilitate you to interact with instructors, use online study materials in PDF format offered by the institute and other online guidance & support. For a stimulating learning experience, you can take help of e-books like kindle, turn to podcasts for sound cues and practical guidelines on accent, learn from website blogs and social networking sites and opt for apps and online tools like duo lingo, busyteacher, quiz let, memrise etc.

Most students on Russian language prefer duolingo which is a digital platform incorporating a language-learning website and mobile app and exam to evaluate their proficiency.

Podcasts are too becoming popular among foreign language students which are digital audio files containing an episodic sequence of foreign words. Even social networking sites like lingualia , babble, skype , livemocha has become sought-after.

To conclude, online courses are flexible and self-paced and better option for you to learn Russian language course in Kolkata if you’re not willing to attend regular classrooms and want to study at the comfort of your home. However, the popularity of conventional classroom courses on Russian language has not dwindled or lost its sheen despite the advent of technology

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