Undertake Russian Language Course in Kolkata With Global Demand of the Language On A Surge

October 8, 2020

Are you planning to learn Russian language entirely due to intellectual reasons? Do you appreciate Russian culture & literature? Are you determined to master Russian language because of pragmatic factors such as taking a job or learning there? Whatever the reason is, the ability to speak & write the Slavic language can improve your job prospects globally.

According to a research conducted demonstrates that demand for Russian language is increasing due to amplification in global employment opportunities for an expert personnel who can speak the language fluently with correct usage of diction and pronunciation. From hospitality to international relations, media to education, every industry is seeking for competent individuals. A  Russian language course in Kolkata sets the stage and the platform to gain grammatical accuracy, fluency and enrichment of vocabulary.

What makes the language unique for students?

Russian language is completely different from English which means that it is very challenging for the learners. However there are some English words which have been sourced from Russian language. It includes vodka, mammoth, sputnik, airport, alcohol, tennis etc. It comprises six cases, numerous exceptions to syntax rules, intricate verbs and its use of the Cyrillic alphabet, this East Slavic language takes time to master. You need immersive lessons to master fluency.

A language of politics, space and economics, but also 265 million people

The popularity of the language is evident from the fact that it has staggering 265 million speakers worldwide. It is also groundbreaking due to the power of Russian federation. If you compare the number people speaking the Slavic language to German, then it is almost double than the later and four times as many as Italian. It also ranks sixth most natively spoken language in the world, with usage sprawling far and wide across Eurasia.

Russian language is also sought-after in the sphere of business and economics. After English, Russian is the second largest language in the world of the internet . It surpassed Germany in the year of 2013 and became the second most popular language among internet users. Empower yourself by pursuing a Russian language course in Kolkata and open new and exciting career opportunities.

 Russian is the language of e-commerce

In online business & digital marketing, Russian language has risen into prominence. It happened7 years ago, Russia became the largest country in Europe in terms of unique online Internet users leaving behind German language which was the second most popular language among internet users at that point of time. The figure stood at 108,772,470 internet users.

Job prospects of learning Russian

Russia is a land of engineering and scientific industries. The economy is booming with other sectors also looking encouraging. Media, education, tourism, hospitality, aviation, seeks to recruit individuals who have good speaking prowess and sound writing abilities. If you’re looking to migrate or take up a job there, learning the language is mandatory. A Russian language course in Kolkata is  ideal for those looking for career advancements and start working as a translator, tourist guide, teacher or corporate trainer, journalist, liaison officer and so on.

There are both fundamental and advanced learning modules which will equip and empower you with grammatical skills and knowledge on vocabulary. The classes on diction and phonetics will improve your accent in the language. You’ll get an opportunity to dig deep into the culture and literature of Russia.

Opt for a self-paced online Russian language course in Kolkata at IITT. Master words, expressions, and grammar rules with precision at the hands of expert instructors.

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