Want To Build A Brilliant Career? Learn Russian Language In Kolkata

October 3, 2020

One of the popular and most widely spoken languages across the world is Russian language. Sourced from Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin the Slavic language has risen into prominence in the professional world. There is no denying of the fact that the ability to speak it fluently can open new career avenues

Many candidates prefer to learn Russian language in Kolkata as a second language. if you’re one of them looking to master the language for professional reasons, you’ll surely not be disappointed.

 Russian language in jobs & businesses

With the advent of technology and globalization taking over, the professional world has become an international powerhouse. Due to the internet, video calling and online collaboration software, employers are recruiting staff from other countries with distance not being a constraint anymore.

With a staggering 150 million people speaking in Russian language worldwide learning the language can be a boon when it comes to work in or with Russian-speaking regions. By learning Russian language, you can relocate in Russia and find a job there, collaborate with a Russian partner for a joint venture in business or just bolster your resume.. This should be especially interesting if you work or want to work in one of Russia’s major industries, such as oil and gas, tourism or hospitality.

Career options after learning Russian language

There are plethora of career choices available if you’re a fluent Russian speaker. All of them are communication-based, exciting and require strong public relations skills.

Tourist guide: the demand of competent tourist guides are increasing in the tourism industry. if you’re adventurous and love travelling, the job will definitely attract you. You’ll be expected to perform diverse tasks such as planning trip itineraries, acquainting travelers with major tourist attractions by vehicle or foot etc.

Aviation: after you learn Russian language in Kolkata, you can easily step up your career and enter in the lucrative aviation industry. Here you can choose to work as visitor information personnel, support executive, ground staff, transport officer, logistics, flight attendant, air hostess, immigration officers, guest relation executives at hotels & resorts in private and government sectors.

Teacher/Trainer: more and more candidates are looking to get trained in Russian for education and professional reasons, which means you can opt for teaching jobs in institutes and schools in both India and Russia and work as a language specialist.

Translator: Translators precisely convert written words from one language to another by keeping the meaning same. Working as a freelance Russian translator is common. Translators predominantly work with business, scientific, law and technical written materials consisting of letters, reports, articles, texts, and so on.

 How to get started?

There are plenty if reputed institutes and academies where you can learn Russian language in Kolkata .   Check out the eligibility, curriculum, eligibility, duration, fees, and facilities before enrolling. However choosing the right course is important depending on your career goals. A certificate or basic crash course would be brief and help you to learn the basic speaking skills. On the other hand, diploma and advanced diploma programs are ideal for advanced learners who know something about the language and would like to delve deep into it by mastering reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

The online programs are perfect if you’re a working individual or perhaps have a busy schedule with family and professional commitments. They are flexible and facilitates learners to study at their pace and gives them the freedom to schedule the classes as per their time. You’ll get access to video and audio lessons which are unlike traditional classroom studies.

Learn Russian language in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy and get the best raining & expert guidance from top instructors. Master grammar & vocabulary for a successful career as a flight attendant or steward in reputed airline companies.

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