Want to Study in Top Universities of Oslo? Learn Norwegian Language

April 14, 2021

Have you decided to escalate your job chances by studying overseas? Have you chosen Norway as your study abroad destination? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to take classes in the Norwegian language. When it comes to learning overseas many students are taking all the preparations so when an opportunity knocks at their door, they can easily avail or grab it.

Earlier UK and U.S.A were the preferred destinations to study abroad but now among European countries, Norway is emerging as one of the most sought-after studies abroad destinations due to a number of reasons.

The vibrant and picturesque panoramic vistas in Norway will amplify your learning experience not to forget the salubrious weather of the country. It is very gleaming, satisfying, and conducive making it ideal for learning purposes. On top of that Scandinavian cuisine is lip-smacking will take you on an unforgettable voyage. The native people are warm & friendly and treat visitors with great hospitality.

Norway also boasts world-class universities with reasonable course fees. Some of the prominent names include Norwegian University of Life Sciences, UIT The Arctic University of Norway, Norwegian University of Science and Tech, University of Agder (USA), University of Bergen (UiB), University of Oslo, University of Stavanger, etc. They have attracted students all over the world. These universities offer internationally recognized professional and technical programs in IT & automation, business management, mass media, hospitality, law, healthcare, and others.

Such is the craze to study in Oslo that countless learners come to this country every year to fulfill their higher studies needs and requirements. The medium of instruction is a combination of English & Norwegian which means you need to know the native language. If you know the Norwegian language and speak it fluently, you can have the best time of your life. Undertaking a Norwegian Language Course in Kolkata will help you gain proficiency with extensive classes in grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation.

Benefits of speaking the Norwegian language when learning in Oslo

  • The biggest advantage of having proficiency in the language is that you can understand the lessons & lectures in colleges & universities there & make the most of your learning.
  • You can communicate easily with the natives & easily understand what they’re saying, make friends with them, dine & wine, & socialize.
  • Knowing the native language while studying in Oslo will help you to make your traveling easy from one place to another as well as when you go the grocery stores or banks you can find it easy to understand what the locals are saying & speak with them confidently.

Opting for a Norwegian Language Course in Kolkata will help you master the language if you’re intending to study at the top universities in Oslo. The course will help you start from the fundamentals of the language and then proceed into advanced modules. You will get classes in accent, diction, words, syntax rules & much more which will help you hone your skills in the core areas and probe into the culture & customs of the popular Scandinavian country. The online learning mode will be convenient for you if you are working or have personal commitments. It will easily fit into your busy schedule and help you learn independently and at your own pace. You will benefit from tutorials, video & audio lectures, PDF study materials, explanations of tougher concepts by experts, webinars, & much more.

IITT Language Academy is delighted to bring basic, diploma, and an advanced diploma in Norwegian Language Course in Kolkata with professional guidance & lessons from experts. The ISO 9001: 2015 certified institute with an international reputation also brings a wide gamut of European & Asian language courses in French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Swedish, Romanian, Danish, Polish, Finnish, Thai, Japanese, Korean, etc.

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