Ways of Communicating with Chinese People in China

April 2, 2019

Chinese is an ancient and very popular language for many people from all over the world. Today, the language is being learned by not only Asians but also Europeans and Americans along with people from other continents. You can also easily learn Chinese language by enrolling in a course at an institute. But it is true that learning Chinese can sometimes be complex. However, with proper training, you can learn it pretty quickly. In the learning procedure, you will learn writing as well as speaking and here, we will see how one must communicate with Chinese people in their own country i.e. China.

So, taking into account that you are visiting China, you will notice that the Chinese communicate very directly and in an abrupt manner. Chinese people are very tolerant of each other and are extremely polite towards foreigners. You might also notice that they speak quite loudly with each other at times. Though it might seem like a quarrel, in reality, it is the normal approach to communicating with one another. But this, of course, does not mean that you should greet them or communicate them in the same way. When you take up a Chinese language course in Kolkata you will learn the methods of greeting people or initiating a conversation.

The Chinese culture is rich and is identified as unique in South-East Asia. When you are visiting China you must do what the Chinese do. You must have patience and tolerance just like them and you will be welcomed with a smile. Though you might be coming from a different culture, greeting them, listening to them and staying with them will make you comfortable and help you in exploring their day to day lives.

Greeting Words

‘Ni-hao’ or ‘Hai’ are the two common greeting words. The former is ‘hi’ and the latter is ‘hello’ in English. In a beginner Chinese course, you will learn these comprehensively. But when you are in an informal conversation with your Chinese friends it is natural that you cannot express everything with your words and you might have to ask them on how to converse well in Chinese.

In the beginning, when you are learning or have just completed a course you will not be very proficient in the language. But, if you can make some Chinese friends who know English as well, can help you in learning the language as well as how to converse with Chinese people.


Chinese people feel pressurized at times to speak in English. So, while you are meeting them you can take advantage of this situation and teach them a word or two in English or in your native language. This develops trust between you and the individuals. In a Chinese language course in Kolkata, you will learn the ways to develop relations with the people of China.

Topics of Conversations

While you are conversing with the Chinese you can expect topics such as your marital status, your siblings if you have any and other areas of life such as job, kids, etc. The family is very important to the Chinese and you can expect a good number of people discussing these topics with you.

On the other hand, in a conversation, you must never talk about politics. You must not criticize the Chinese or use any statement that might be offensive. Your purpose should be to learn Chinese language for traveling and enjoyment or for others such as getting a job.

Whatever we have mentioned, the same thing you must follow when connecting with your friends or co-workers over social media or through any other website. If you can maintain a good relationship with the Chinese, they will support you and stay in touch with you for life. And to learn their language you must take up a Chinese course and start from the basics and slowly move to the advanced levels. By traveling to China you will learn the rest from the Chinese themselves.

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