What Skills Can You Acquire by Enrolling in a Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata?

January 11, 2021

Portuguese is the one of the prominent & fastest studied European languages today with a huge global presence. With more than 250 million speakers worldwide, the possibilities are endless for you to explore. If you’re looking to master the language as well, then it is the perfect time to do it due to globalization and plenty of career options available.

If you’re planning to study it by yourself at home, then it could be devoid of commitment & goals which might not augur well for you. Moreover there will be nobody to assist you, point out your mistakes, offer feedback or measure your success.  On the other hand, if you decide to enroll in a Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata, you can head towards the right direction & gain many skills at the hands of professionals.

 Develop fluency during conversation

One of the more powerful skills you can gain in the course is becoming fluent.  Since Portuguese is similar to French & Spanish language, you can find it easy to master as well as acquire knowledge in the other two languages. Thus, if you have planned a short beach holiday at Lisbon or planning to relocate there for job or higher studies, your ability to speak a few words in Portuguese can make the task of interacting with the natives smoother. In addition, you can explore the real country, make a few friends, socialize, wine & dine, travel around, walk into banks, shopping malls & retail shops easily.

Excellent oral skills in Portuguese language will also heighten your prospects of bagging jobs in various profiles. From international sales executives to customer care agents, tourist guides to liaison officers, the demand is everywhere. With more & more multinational companies in the picture, you can easily benefit from the scenario & explore bright employment opportunities.

Write with impeccable grammar & vocabulary

Another skill that you will acquire from a Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata is grammatical accuracy & appropriate use of the vocabulary when writing. You will learn about the general & exceptional syntax rules as well as different words & phrases & tips to memorize them for sentence construction. With your ability to write Portuguese language flawlessly, you can apply for various lucrative jobs such as translator, content writer, proof reader, interpreter, correspondent etc. All these jobs will enable you to utilize your writing skills & build an excellent career.

Master pronunciation

One of the biggest errors new learners commit when making an attempt to master a new language is sacrificing accuracy for speed. But in the Portuguese language program, you can get expert guidance who will share their tips & suggestions with you. This will help you to gain proficiency in the pronunciation & accent of the language.

Practice to gain expertise in the core areas

There will be extensive practical classes in a Portuguese language course in Kolkata which will facilitate you to become proficient in all the departments of the language including listening, reading, speaking, & writing. Besides the practical classes, the study materials & textbooks will enrich your skills further. There will also be assignments & feedback from the instructors that will help you overcome your deficiencies & weaknesses & build on your strengths.

IITT Language Academy is happy to present regular & online Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata for career aspirants & language enthusiasts. We are a leading ISO 9001: 2015 certified institute providing an array of foreign language courses in Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French etc. Students can choose from basic, diploma & advanced diploma courses as per their learning goals, availability of time, and career objectives. If you’re ready to take the leap, our instructors are there to guide & train you to master the language. We also provide guaranteed placement assistance to all the candidates at the end of the course along with lifelong career counseling, tips & guidance from experts.


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