What to Look Forward to in a Dutch Language Course in Kolkata?

February 13, 2021

Finally you’ve made up your mind to take Dutch language classes but you might wonder what kind of lessons you can get. In every language study, it is integral to feature grammar & vocabulary classes and a Dutch language course is not an exception. In this article, we shall discuss what you can look forward to or what kind of lessons & activities you can get in a Dutch language course.

Interactive audio

Since language learning mainly revolves around the accent, how words are spoken by using the mouth & tongue, a Dutch language course in Kolkata will integrate interactive audio through which you can have an influence on your learning.

Interactive audio is a technology planned to facilitate specifically created audio, placed in a given application, to react to user input and or changes in the application environment.  With interactive audio, you could have the words & dialogues adjust to changes in the environment.

Grammar lessons

In order to power up your writing in the Dutch language, grammar lessons are essential. From tenses to prepositions to sentence construction, you will get lessons on everything in the course. You’ll also find explanations of grammatical rules and practice exercises to put your skills & knowledge to test. There will be tips & guidance from expert tutors too.

Vocabulary classes

A Dutch language course is incomplete without classes in vocabulary. From mnemonics to word games to flashcards, you’ll be able to hone your skills & improve your stock of words & phrases through a variety of activities in the classroom.

 Learner forum and language support

These are done in Dutch Language Course in Kolkata to improve fluency in the Dutch language. You’ll be able to take part in online forums to share your views as well as take the help of an in-built translation dictionary from Dutch to English & vice-versa

Interaction with native speakers

To develop the correct accent & hone your interpersonal conversation skills, many courses incorporate interaction with native speakers.

An interaction with native speakers of the Dutch language is deeply vital because it brings in a new world full of new sentiments and revelations. You will find that the pronunciation patterns and overall mannerisms of speech are completely different, which will make the whole experience of learning the Dutch language stimulating & lively.


Yes, games too can amplify your learning experience. Dutch language learning games for the classroom are pleasurable, fun, and very effective in the process of teaching and learning. Games are an essential tool to trigger fun as well as improve your creative skills.

Whether it is for vacation or career or higher education, throwing a few words in Dutch can do wonders for you in creating a good impression among the locals. Besides, you’ll also be able to dig deep into the Dutch culture & customs. Undertaking a course will just be enough for you to gain proficiency in the language & surprise everyone with your conversational skills.

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