Why and How Learning Chinese Helps in Career Development?

May 8, 2019

Among the many foreign languages, Chinese has become one of the most popular due to the huge variety of opportunities it presents for its learners. In this blog, we will learn about the opportunities, benefits, advantages, and facts related to the language.

Benefits of Learning Chinese / Mandarin

Learning Chinese will provide several benefits in terms of professional as well as personal development. Apart from helping you to explore China as well as the Chinese culture, you will experience the impact of the country in the global economy along with growth and development. If you are just a visitor, the language will help you to communicate with the Chinese people while you are traveling.

    • Most Widely Spoken Language in the World

More than a billion people all over the world speak Chinese and among them, around 900 million people speak Mandarin itself. Therefore, learning the language will help you to connect with the majority of people and will definitely open a lot more career or research opportunities for you.

    • Chinese / Mandarin Speaking Countries

Apart from China, Mandarin is spoken in several countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia, and many others. Thus, learning the language will help you to set up business in these countries.

    • Exploring the history and culture of China

Chinese is a very old language and there are many beautiful poems, stories, and novels written in it. By learning Chinese you will be able to read the old as well as the new literature of China.

    • Making Friends with Chinese People

Apart from communicating with the people in China, you will be able to make Chinese friends by speaking their language. Additionally, you can improve your speaking, reading, and writing by seeking their help.

    • Mandarin is Easy to Learn

Learning Mandarin is easy as there are no verbs, plurals, tenses or conjugations and subject-verb agreement. Though there are more than 80,000 Chinese characters, around 3000 are used in conversation.

How to learn Chinese / Mandarin

Many people think that learning the Chinese language is difficult. But in reality, it is not. There are several techniques of learning and improving the language which you can find in a Chinese language course in Kolkata. While learning, you will specifically focus on improving the tones and pronunciations with the help of Pinyin. Other methods of learning the language effectively include practicing communication as well as writing.

      • Learning Chinese Tones

Emphasizing on Chinese tones is important to learn the language as this will help you in understanding the different meanings of words. To learn this in details you need to take up a Chinese language course from a foreign language institute.

      • Practicing Pronunciations

Pronunciations are not the same thing as the ‘tones’. This is because there are several exceptions to the rules for pronunciation. This requires practice and experience. You need to learn from the pronunciations from your trainer.

      • Learning from Pinyin

Taking reference from Pinyin will help you to learn Chinese pronunciations effectively. Pinyin is the Romanization system for standardized Chinese in China. It can also be used to teach Chinese characters for beginners.

      • Practicing Communications with Native Chinese

The best way to practice your speaking skills is to communicate with a person living in China. She or he will be able to point out your mistakes and help you improve. Else, you need to communicate with your language trainer to acquire the skills.

      • Writing Practice

Learning Chinese characters can take a long time. You will start with the basics and then slowly move on to the advanced. Though the characters will look to be daunting at first, proper training will help you to learn them easily.

Other Advantages of Learning Chinese

You will get plenty of advantages if you learn Chinese language from an institute. Apart from the high demand amongst employers, it can also improve your memory. Learning the language will also help you to join online communities and understand television programmes or audio. If you like literature and art, you will not only be able to just read them but also understand the core ideas.

There are several advantages to learning Chinese as well. They are:

      • High Demand amongst Employers

With globalization and rapid growth of the Chinese economy, there is a high demand for employees who know the Chinese language. Therefore, if you are planning to start an international career, learning Chinese will help you immensely.

      • Enjoy Music And TV Shows In Chinese

If you know the language, you will be able to watch Chinese TV shows and listen to music and watching and listening to this music and shows will further enhance your vocabulary.

      • Improving Your Memory

Learning foreign languages improve memory and cognition and since it has a good reputation for being complex, you can improve your memory by learning it. If you practice the basics in an organized manner, you will start seeing the results within a month.

      • As an Extra Qualification    

Many companies or organizations prefer candidates who know a foreign language. Hence, learning Chinese is definitely an extra qualification that is required to start an international career.

      • Join Online Communities

Learn Chinese and join the numerous online communities where you can interact with people and learn from them. You can also take up Chinese just as a hobby.

Jobs You Can Get after Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese will open up plenty of job opportunities for you. There are numerous positions where you can work after getting trained in the language. Some of these are interpreters, translators, teachers, diplomats, researchers, and others.

If you want to start a career in foreign languages, these are the posts where you can apply after learning Chinese.

      • Interpreter

You will interpret what is being said in Chinese, to English or any other language. Interpreters do the job of translating statements or speech between two or more people. Interpreters can be found in the communication between governments of the two countries, one a Chinese speaker, and the other speaking a different language.

      • Translator

The only difference between interpreters and translators is that the former mainly translates text from one language to another. For instance, he will be translating a text from Chinese to a different language and vice versa. Translators mostly do not translate ongoing verbal interactions like the interpreters.

      • Teacher

By learning the Chinese language you can become a teacher. You can join a foreign language institutes around the world and teach Chinese to your students effectively.

      • Diplomats

If you want to apply for the post of a Diplomat, knowledge of a foreign language is must and knowing Chinese will help you to apply for these posts.

      • Researchers

If you want to conduct research or pursue higher studies in China, you need to learn the language. Therefore, learning Chinese will enable you to apply for academic posts not only in China but in any part of the world where the language is spoken.

In the coming years, students taking up Chinese language will grow more due to a large number of opportunities that this language provides. Hence, it is best to take up a Chinese course and get trained in the language from a reputed institute that has professional teachers and a good learning framework.

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