Discussion:Why everybody should learn Italian Language?

March 4, 2020

Italian ranks as the fourth most studied language in US colleges and high schools, where the enrolment rate for Italian classes is expanding twenty percent faster than for any other language.

The Italian language is one of the most “sweet language”: La Dolce Lingua, like any other languages in the entire world. As part of the language, it can be said that Italian likes to let their hands do the talking and based on this according to a study there are almost 250 gestures used in everyday conversation. Swipe the fingers outwards from under the chin to say “I couldn’t care less” or pinch the fingers together and move the hand up and down to say “what are you talking about?”

Italian is the language of a majority of Italy’s population but there are also minorities of German, French, Ladino and Slovene speakers. Studying abroad and experiencing the Italian language is a great way to understand the local customs, meet new people and explore the culture in Italy in the most authentic and immersive way possible.

Having contacts at International Offices of the universities and many students are fluent English speakers but one should be aware of the fact that English is not always considered to be widely spoken in Italy especially with older people. Therefore, if one is keen to travel the busier central areas or planning to study abroad and expecting better job opportunities in Italy then he or she should have knowledge of the Italian Language in order to interact and make the most out of your time there.

“It was time for Italian to take its rightful place among the world’s great literary languages”.

Italian is probably the most preferred language and mostly linked with the world of art and culture. Italian influence can be found in all major areas of life and culture some of them include painting arts to architecture, from literature to music and from design to food to fashion. In order to know the language, it is essential to understand many aspects of the passionate Italian lifestyle. Only if you learn the Italian language you will understand, the “character” of what you are eating and what you are saying while communicating with the Italian clients or with the Italian people, you meet in your way.

You will observe that all the classical pizza names, all the words in relation to coffee-making are still expressed in Italian across the world. All the specialized language used in classical music such as “soprano”, “violoncello”, “ adagio”, “concerto” is still Italian because in all these fields Italian has been the language that shaped their words.

Italian is the easier language as compared to that of other foreign languages. At first, it may seem to be difficult but with the guidance provided by our teachers, one will soon find it easy in picking up new words and phrases. This language is a romantic language of expressing your love towards the loved ones and the language for classical music as well.

In the professional sectors in which Italian companies are world leaders, this language takes on a different utility and its study also becomes something useful for professional growth and career development. For sectors like fine arts and culture, fashion & design, productions and distribution, music, literature, football, and dramas. Alternatively, even becoming foreign language teachers in Italy, Italian is the leading language.

Speaking the language opens up a number of doors and can make you more attractive to employers. Businesses and brands such as Fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and Armani often look for employees who are capable enough to speak Italian.

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