Why should you choose to learn the Russian Language in India?

March 10, 2020

It is a joy when you learn a new language! With so many language choices in India, selecting the correct foreign tongue to learn is unquestionably not an easy process. However, there lie numerous benefits to learning any foreign tongues. The abroad study, the pursuit of a hobby, immigration, lucrative language jobs, careers using languages and cultural aspects are some of the reasons in order to learn a new language.

A language in high demand: The demand for the services of Russian linguistic has accelerated at an unprecedented spurt in India. There are no doubts that the scope of the Russian language as a career-pro language is breathtaking and astonishing. Therefore, people who are willing to embrace the language to get job opportunities that await them in the corporate world. It is a good time for them to learn this language and develop their future career. We have some of the few qualified tutors who are exceptionally good in guiding the trainees or students with the Russian language from the basic level to the advanced level.

This language is the most widespread language dominating the Eurasian geographical setting. It is the most important ethnic language in Europe. It consists of 144 million speakers in Russia and millions more in Ukraine, Belarus and other former Soviet states like Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It ranks as number 8 of the most spoken tongues in the world and is six among the official languages of the UNO (United Nations Organization).

Language being widely spoken and unique: The Russian language is incredibly unique as compared to that of Romance or Germanic languages. One of the vital reasons being Indian learning this language for it is the most spoken language considered as number one around the globe. Presently, over 300 million people speak the Russian language around the globe. It is not just an official language of the Russian Federation but also of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It is the unique aspect of the Slavic language and shares similarities with other foreign languages such as Czech, Ukrainian, Polish and Bulgarian. Even in the United States, there are more than 800,000 speakers and the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia and the largest native language in Europe.

Learning Russian in India: There is a broad range of job opportunities and career scope of learning Russian in India. With the consistent expansion of Indian and Russian firms, consulting firms and businesses there is a constant requirement of employees who have expertise in this exotic tongue. There is an interest in Russian culture traditionally existing in India, which gives access to rich Russian literature as well as scientific literature of the nation.

Lucrative business opportunities: Russia is home to one of the most qualified and well-known high-tech designs in the world, especially in the field of information technology, security, and heavy-duty machinery. The country is famous for being the second-largest exporter of high-tech military and civilian grade systems of various categories. So learning Russian is a good opportunity for you to transact business with Russian investors or to seek job opportunities in the global market. Communicating in Russian means to have an equal playing field.

Russian might look challenging to study for an English speaker. However, it can give you the key to several treasures of world culture. Besides, the language would enable you to communicate with millions of people for whom Russian is the native or the primary foreign language. This language is one of the most straightforward languages to learn as an Indian. However, as long as you have good reasons to acquire it, this language is not that challenging to study either.

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