Work as a Tour Guide after Learning Thai Language

April 1, 2021

Are you confused about what to do after learning the Thai language? Wondering how to utilize your verbal communication skills in the Thai language? Among the plethora of options, you might feel which career might suit you, but if you love interacting with people or looking to relocate overseas, then choosing to work as a tourist guide is the best option.

Working as a tourist guide is one of the best career options after pursuing a Thai Language Course in Kolkata. It is because the domestic & international tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace with countless visitors or tourists from Thailand visiting India, Europe, America are looking forward to invigorating traveling experience, superior hospitality & customer care service. As a tourist guide, you can work in Indian travel agencies as well as in international tour operating companies.

How learning the Thai language is beneficial for working as a tour guide?

Learning the Thai language can prove to be an asset wherever you go. But it is the tourism & hospitality sector where you can harness your skills perfectly. For performing tasks like appraising the safety of visitors, reciting and remembering the tour scripts, dealing with customer service interactions, such as transaction and payment, and offering directions and areas to the guests you need fluent communication skills in the Thai language.

You will also accompany groups of Thai travelers to major sightseeing attractions, whether on brief trips or longer visits and provide the details and perspectives that help them make the most of the getaway or vacation. Success in this profession will depend very much on the way you interact with visitors, how polite or courteous you are, and show hospitality to them.

Tasks & responsibilities

As a tour guide, you will show & give information about historic monuments, cultural centers, and beauty spots, and offer travelers background information to help them make the most of their visit.  Typical responsibilities include:

  • Conducting research and organizing trips: It revolves around planning trips for Thai tourists after researching thoroughly. It’s all about ensuring everything in the trip takes place methodically and looks organized.
  • Providing sightseeing tips: It is all about offering advice about major sightseeing destinations or tourist hotspots to travelers.
  • Making and giving presentations: It is giving information about the major sightseeing attractions and background information & maps through presentations.
  • Planning and leading getaways and holidays: It includes conducting the whole trip with flight reservation, proper accommodation or lodging, food, sightseeing trips, etc.
  • Problem-solving: It’s all about looking after the grievances of the guests and making sure all their queries are resolved
  • Accompanying tourists for sightseeing trips by foot or vehicle: Since Thai tourists are unaware of the local places in India or any other country, it will be your responsibility as a tour guide to accompany them during the sightseeing trips by foot or vehicle.

Opting for a Thai Language Course in Kolkata can help you master the language & head towards a dazzling career. The course is designed for beginners looking to start from scratch & get rigorous training in grammar & vocabulary which is vital for gaining expertise in any language.

After undertaking it, you will be able to establish a strong foothold in the tourism & hospitality industry and have a fulfilling career.

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