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French Language Teachers Training Certification Program

About the Program

French is one of the most popular foreign languages that is being learnt and taught all over the globe. It is also one of the most preferred European languages in terms of business, foreign relations, academia, etc. Due to this high demand, the language is being taught worldwide by Foreign Language Teachers many of whom might not possess the necessary training or qualification for teaching.

IITT Language Academy, the most renowned foreign language training institute in India aims to provide these teachers looking for professional training in French with the Teachers Training Certification in the French language to make them eligible to teach at the global level. The certified teachers will be able to apply for the post of French tutors at institutes or academic organizations where only qualified trainers are recruited.

The training program includes the procedures of teaching French as a foreign language in classrooms with students who possess deep knowledge and are proficient in listening, reading, writing and speaking French.

If you are a French teacher or want to be a certified teacher, register with us today. The instructions for registering for the program is given below.

How To Apply For the Entrance Test of French Language Teachers Training Program?

Please follow the steps below to apply for this program

  1. You have to register for the program by filling up the Registration Form below and appear for a test
  2. The fees for Registration is Rs 250. You can pay the fee via Credit Card / Debit Card / Netbanking or by depositing cash at our centre.
  3. For successful registration, you need to attach your payment receipt with the form by clicking the ‘Attach Documents’ button.
  4. The examination date and time slot will be sent via SMS to the registered candidate’s phone number as mentioned in the Registration form.
Step 1

PayMent (₹ 250/-)

Step 2

Fill The Form

Step 3


Application Form

Do you have DELF qualification
If Yes – Kindly Mention the level
Do you have any Experience in French Teaching
Examination Criteria

The criteria for the examination are


For any further queries please contact the number below. (+91) 628-9600-491