The CERF Guidelines
Applicable To The Foreign Language Courses

The Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) is a set of guidelines put together by the Council of Europe. These guidelines describe the achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and other countries. The aims of CEFR are to provide learning methods, teachings, and assessments for all languages in Europe. There are six reference levels in CEFR which is accepted as the European standard to assess the proficiency of the language of an individual.

There are three main levels viz. A, B & C. These are subdivided into three A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1, C2 respectively. The classification of these levels is stated below.

A- Level

The A Level is the Basic user level and under this category falls the A1 i.e. the Breakthrough or beginner level and the A2 i.e. the Waystage or elementary level.


The candidates in this level are able to :

  • Understand and get used to expressions and basic phrases through the target language and is able to satisfy her or his basic needs
  • Introduce themselves and are able to ask questions and answer them. These questions mostly include personal details etc.
  • Interact with others using simple words and phrases. They are able to communicate slowly and clearly.
A2 (Elementary level)

The candidates in this level are able to :

  • Understand expressions and simple sentences which are most relevant such as personal and family information, geographical aspects, employment opportunities etc.
  • Communicate about simple tasks where the exchange of information (direct or indirect) occurs and are based on familiar matters.
  • Describe certain aspects such as the environment and the setting.

B- Level

The B Level is the Independent user level and under this category falls the B1 i.e. the Threshold or intermediate level and the B2 i.e. the Vantage or upper intermediate level.


The candidates in this level are able to :

  • Clearly understand the familiar matters that are encountered in day to day lives such as school, work etc.
  • Communicate while traveling in the area where the foreign language is spoken.
  • Write the language using simple sentences on topics such as personal interest and family.
  • Describe events such as dreams, hopes, aspirations, strategy, and explanations.

The candidates in this level are able to :

  • Understand complex text based on abstract topics such as technical discussions etc.
  • Interact fluently with native speakers and express their feelings easily.
  • Write anything and everything in details and in a clear and concise way. They are able to write several topics and can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages through their writings.

C- Level

The C Level Is The Proficient User Level And Under This Category Falls The C1 I.E. The Effective Operational Proficiency Or Advanced And The C2 I.E. The Level Of Mastery.


The candidates in this level are able to :

  • Understand Highly Complex Sentences That Might Have Multiple Meanings In Different Contexts.
  • Express Ideas Fluently Through Speech Or Text.
  • Use The Language For Several Purposes Such As Academics, Career-Oriented And Professional Scope.
  • Structure The Sentences And Is Able To Construct Them Correctly During A Speech Or While Writing.

The candidates in this level are able to :

  • Understand Everything That Is Being Spoken Or That Is Written Through Text.
  • Summarize Information From Any Sources Be It Spoken Or Written Along With Arguments On Different Topics.
  • Precisely Express Anything With Spontaneity In Any Situations And Setting.

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