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As the sixth most spoken language in the world, learning Arabic gives a plethora of opportunities for students after completing the course. Students will learn the new form of alphabets step by step and tonal inflections required to express tense, moods and subjects. The course will help students develop a solid understanding of grammar as well.

The Arabic Language Course in Kolkata is taught by professionals who use specialized approaches while teaching so that students are able to grasp the fundamentals and the advanced lessons without facing hassles.

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The Arab world is a great place for career growth and the countries in the league provide extraordinary opportunities. Therefore, if you take up the Arabic language course in Kolkata, you can further increase the possibilities of setting up a business or any other endeavor of your own, or in a joint venture. The countries are always seeking skilled candidates and this course will enhance your skills effectively.

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class start : 1st June, 2020

Student Capacity : 45

Course Teachers : 04

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You can join the Basic Arabic language course in Kolkata to get an overview of the language. In the course, you will learn the alphabets, words and elementary level grammar. You will learn to greet people and ask simple questions after completing the course. If you want to travel to any Middle Eastern country where the language is spoken, this is the best program that you can get yourself registered into.

The Diploma in Arabic focuses mainly on the writing and the pronunciation of alphabets and forming words with them. Gradually, you will learn to write sentences and phrases. In the Diploma program, you will learn Arabic grammar comprising of nouns, pronouns, verbs, tenses, etc. After the completion of the course, you will be able to apply for jobs as well as appear for exams which evaluate your proficiency in the language. After completing this program you can move on to the Advanced Diploma.

The Advanced Diploma program develops the core skills in the Arabic language. As the level is higher than the Diploma, you can expect to learn more complex elements of the language.

Completing the Arabic language course in Kolkata will equip you with the essential skills of reading, writing and speaking the language with expertise which is required for taking up a job in the Middle East or appearing for language-specific exams. The program will also help you in developing a deep understanding of Arabic which you need to have if you wish to become a teacher in the Middle East.

Level A1 (60 hrs)

Level A2 (60 hrs)

Level B1 (72 hrs)

Level B2 (72 hrs)

Level C1 (72 hrs)

Level C2 (72 hrs)

The customized program is flexible learning of the Arabic language where you can select what you want to learn. For instance, if you want to improve your speaking skills, our trainers will teach you the methods to do so with specially designed study materials. The customized course is ideal if you want to appear for a job interview or wish to travel to Arab countries where only certain skills will be tested.

course description

About The Course

The Arabic Language course from the IITT Language Academy is designed for beginners as well as advanced candidates. The basics start with practice on listening and speaking, along with audio dialogues to assist you in mastering everyday situations. Next, there will be exercises related to vocabulary development and introduction to the Arabic alphabets.

Advanced students who have registered for this course will learn grammar presentations with exercises. There are several interactive (role-playing) activities too for recording functions included in the course. The experienced teachers will motivate the students to form meaningful sentences in Arabic and with expert guidance and motivation, students will learn the language fast. Periodic assessments will further help the students to identify their proficiency in the language.

course details

The course in Arabic language is divided into three main parts. In the elementary level,basic concepts of the language will be taught. Students will learn the methods of reading and writing Arabic script and will get a fair idea of the vocabulary related to the environment. Sentence structure is also an important topic which will be taught. For this course no prior knowledge of the language is necessary.

The intermediate level deals with complex grammatical structures and students will learn to write functional narratives. Later on, they will also learn to write descriptive sentences and be able to develop basic analytical skills. Students will learn many advanced words and after completion of the course, they will have a good stock of words.

The advanced level of the Arabiccourse focuses mostly on vocabulary enrichment and advanced speaking skills. Classroom materials will include literary texts and articles. There will also be classroom discussions in Arabic.


  • Get better job opportunities in Middle Eastern countries and in different types of posts.
  • Since businesses in the Middle Eastern countries are expanding continuously, knowledge of the Arabic language gives a competitive edge over others in terms of careers.
  • As a traveler, you will find it easier to communicate with the locals.
  • Get to know the culture of Middle Eastern countries and be able to connect with it.


The focus of the training is the development of the Arabian language skill in students so that they can search for jobs or take up higher studies.

Job Opportunities

By learning the language you can get career opportunities such as
  • Get a job in the prosperous Travel and Hospitality sector in a Middle Eastern country.
  • With the expanding economy of the Arab world, a job in the Finance sector will give you an extraordinary salary if you know the Arabic language.
  • You will get extraordinary job opportunities as interpreters.
  • If you become proficient in the language, you can become a lawyer.
  • You can opt for a government job if you are adept at the Arabian language.


  • There are no specific requirements for this course. anybody can join.
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  • It is easy to learn
  • Be able to read basic sentences
  • Learn the basic vocabulary
  • Will help you to take up the advanced courses
  • Want a career? This is your gateway
  • Free study materials with audio CD's
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