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Taking up the course in Spanish will help you in learning the fundamentals of the language. You will learn to use basic words to greet others, use dates and introducing yourself to others. You will learn the vocabulary through text and audio. The course also includes some basic level vocabulary development and grammar.

The Spanish Language Course in Kolkata is taught with comprehensive study materials so that students grasp the language quickly. They are also provided with home assignments designed to improve their speaking, reading and writing abilities.

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are available for individuals adept in Spanish

By getting professional training from our Spanish language course in Kolkata, you will be one step ahead in building your career, traveling or pursuing higher studies. You can also discover the culture of the countries where Spanish is spoken as a first language. There are plenty of posts open for teachers as well and you can be a teacher by taking up the Spanish Language Teachers training course.

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class start : 1st June, 2020

Student Capacity : 45

Course Teachers : 05

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If you want to learn Spanish as a foreign language just as a hobby or as a passion, the Basic course is the right one for you. In this course, you will learn the basic parts of the language comprising of most used words, phrases, and numbers. Through this course, you will learn the words used to greet people and responding to some questions.

The Diploma program in Spanish comprises of everything that a beginner or an intermediate student needs to know. This includes words, numbers and phrases and all the essential parts of the language. Through the course, you will develop a strong vocabulary and learn how to pronounce the words correctly. Emphasis is also given to writing.

Completing this Spanish language course in Kolkata will make you eligible to apply for international and domestic jobs for a variety of posts.

The Advanced Diploma program is the next step to the diploma program. You will get a good understanding of the Spanish language and achieve the reading, writing and speaking proficiency. On completion of the course, you will develop the skills required to apply for or start a successful career for a variety of posts. The Advanced Diploma in Spanish will boost your language skills and help you to achieve success in the field of foreign languages.

Level A1 (60 hrs)

Level A2 (60 hrs)

Level B1 (72 hrs)

Level B2 (72 hrs)

Level C1 (72 hrs)

Level C2 (72 hrs)

In the Customized Spanish language course in Kolkata, you will be able to opt for training in a specific area of the Spanish language to meet your personal requirements such as appearing for interviews, exams, etc. With the customization program, you will be able to enhance your reading, writing and speaking skills. The program is aimed at providing you the necessary training to on the areas that require improvement.

The DELE Spanish Diplomas are official certification titles exhibiting the mastery of the Spanish language by a candidate. The certificate is granted by Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport. In our Spanish Language training program we prepare our candidates willing to take this exam by providing them with specialized modules, exam specific question, and answers along with all-time trainer support.

course description

About The Course

This easy to learn language is taught by our instructors in the easiest way possible. The initiation to Spanish is done with the help of phrasebooks. This includes simple words, expressions and locations. Additionally, our instructors give special emphasis on pronunciations. They also emphasize on memorization techniques which is important while learning a new language.

In the process of learning the language our instructors give special attention to students when they are facing a problem such as when struggling with a new word or vocabulary. After the completion of the course, the students will have a good understanding of the language and they will be able to read and write it without facing any hassle.

course details

The course starts with an introduction to the Spanish language. Emphasis is given to vocabulary development. The course comprises of basic words and vowels which will be taught extensively. Apart from initiating basic conversations, you will learn how to pronounce words properly. The course will enable you to read and write simple sentences in Spanish.

The Spanish Language Course is taught in a very simple manner so that all the students can understand what is being said. After the completion of each module, students will need to appear for a test which will determine their level of proficiency of the subject. Students are also provided with extra classes to solve any problems that they have encountered while learning the language.

Training is also included in the course to help the students to qualify in interviews related to career and academics.


  • Will help in getting an international job as this is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
  • By taking up the course you will be able to explore the Spanish culture.
  • You will have no problems in communicating while travelling to Spain or any other Latin American nations.
  • You will have no problems in exploring different career opportunities by learning Spanish.


The Focus of the Training is to equip the learners with the appropriate skills of reading, writing and communicating in the Spanish language.

Job Opportunities

By learning the language you can get career opportunities such as
  • Translators who can work in both private and government organizations
  • Guides who will instruct the visitors to different places
  • Interpreters who will be able to work in reputed organizations
  • Lawyers who can fight cases for their clients
  • Customs and Immigration officials in airports and other government centers


  • There are no specific requirements for this course. anybody can join.
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  • It is easy to learn
  • Be able to read basic sentences
  • Learn the basic vocabulary
  • Will help you to take up the advanced courses
  • Want a career? This is your gateway
  • Free study materials with audio CD's
  • One to one Training Opportunity
  • Flexible Timing

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